AIDA Cruises: Discover Europe’s best-known shopping meccas with celeb “shopping queen” Verena Kerth

Rostock, 15. Februar 2016

What woman doesn’t dream of shopping as much as she wants in Europe’s most famous retail meccas? On the new AIDA shopping cruises, celebrities accompany guests to the most fabulous boutiques, offer personal styling tips, and reveal the hottest fashion trends.

These tours will launch with the well-known radio presenter, Verena Kerth. In the TV show “Promi Shopping Queen” Munich-born Kerth has already twice demonstrated her unerring feel for the latest fashion trends and perfect styling. Now she will be accompanying fashion fans on shopping trips around Western Europe on board AIDAmar from March 5–12, 2016, and AIDAprima (May 28 to June 4, 2016). The itinerary will include the world-famous Galerie Lafayette in Paris, and Amsterdam’s Magna Plaza department store. From Southampton, shoppers will visit Bicester Village, one of England’s leading outlet shopping centers, with over 130 boutiques – including the best-known Italian and French designers. Bargain hunters will truly come into their own on the tour from Zeebrugge to Roubaix, at the McArthur Glen designer & premium outlet.

Each of the shopping trips with Verena Kerth can be conveniently booked from the comfort of one’s own home on MyAIDA.de, with prices starting from just 39.95 euros per person (Amsterdam), inclusive of a welcome glass of sparkling wine. The tour price includes other exciting offers on board of AIDAmar and AIDAprima. The first evening of the cruise begins with a welcome event at the wellness oasis as the ship sets sail. Hairstyling and make-up workshops, exclusive VIP shopping at the AIDA Shops with sparkling wine reception, and personal assistance from the AIDA Shopmanager round off the package.

In 2016 AIDA Cruises is offering many other attractive theme cruises with well-known stars, such as:

“Celebrities read” with actress Michaela May on AIDAcara’s cruise from Gran Canaria to Majorca from April 18–30, 2016.

“Leichterleben” (lighter living) on the Atlantic: 13 or 19 days from April 2–15, 2016, on AIDAdiva, from the Dominican Republic to Tenerife via Barbados, with Birgit Fischer – the world’s best female canoeist.

“Leichterleben” (lighter living) in Northern Europe: 17 days of highlights at the Polar Circle from May 23 – June 9, 2016, on AIDAluna, starting from/returning to Kiel, with Heike Drechsler – the “long jumper of the century”.

“Mental strength” with top athlete Steffi Nerius: 14 days from July 30 – August 13, 2016, on AIDAvita, Norway incl. Lofoten and North Cape, starting from/returning to Kiel.

For more information about these and other highlights of the AIDA+ Program 2016, please visit www.aida.de/aidaplus. All cruises can be booked at travel agencies, on the AIDA website and at the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0)381/202 707 07.

17. September 2019

AIDAmira: Taufe für den guten Zweck

Am 30.11.2019 bekommt die AIDA Familie Zuwachs: Model und Moderatorin Franziska Knuppe wird das 14. Flottenmitglied in Palma de Mallorca auf den Namen AIDAmira taufen. Vor der Kulisse der majestätischen Kathedrale La Seu sind Gänsehautmomente vorprogrammiert. Schon einmal stand ... mehr

17. September 2019

AIDA President Felix Eichhorn präsentiert Green Cruising Strategy auf UNWTO Gipfel in Sankt Petersburg

Wie können wir mit Innovationen dem Klimawandel begegnen? Das war eine der zentralen Fragen des UNWTO Gipfeltreffens, das vom 10 bis 13. September 2019 in Sankt Petersburg (Russland) stattfand. AIDA Cruises President Felix Eichhorn war eingeladen, mit hochrangigen Vertretern aus ... mehr

10. September 2019

AIDAperla erhält 2020 das bisher größte Batteriespeichersystem in der Passagierschifffahrt

AIDA Cruises und Corvus Energy unterzeichnen anlässlich der Eröffnung der ersten Produktionsstätte des Batterieherstellers in Norwegen Vereinbarung zur weiteren Zusammenarbeit.

Anlässlich der Eröffnung der ersten Produktionsstätte von Corvus Energy im norwegischen Bergen ... mehr

05. September 2019

AIDA Cruise & Help finanziert vier weitere Schulen

Mit der Eröffnung der ersten aus Spendengeldern gebauten AIDA Schule auf den Philippinen im Frühjahr 2019 startete die Initiative AIDA Cruise & Help mit der Umsetzung ihres ersten Hilfsprojektes. AIDA hat nun gemeinsam mit seinem Partner, der Reiner Meutsch Stiftung FLY ... mehr



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