Rediscover the Baltic Sea

On an AIDA cruise to Moscow, or from the rooftops of Stockholm
Rostock, 30. Juni 2016

Shore excursions are highlights on any cruise. They offer guests unforgettable experiences and exclusive impressions of places and people. On the new Baltic Sea shore excursions with AIDA Cruises, guests can immerse themselves in Baltic culture and get to know different perspectives.

A special excursion is offered on the 10-day round-trip cruises with AIDAdiva. During a two-day stay in the former czar metropolis, St. Petersburg, guests take the high-speed train Sapsan to Russia’s capital. With breakfast on board the train, and at a breathtaking speed of 250 km/h, guests travel through Russia’s vast and uniquely beautiful countryside to Moscow, 700 kilometers away. In the city on the Moskva with its 12 million inhabitants, guests visit the Kreml, the Red Square, and more. With the super train Sapsan, they whiz back to St. Petersburg in the evening.

Two new day excursions in St. Petersburg offer guests the opportunity to get to know the Russian way of life and its culture. There is a cooking course in a local restaurant where a native chef teaches participants how to prepare traditional meals such as pelmeni (meat-filled dumplings) and bliny (pancakes), which can be sampled at the end. Artistic skill is called for on an excursion to a souvenir shop in St. Petersburg. In this workshop, guests learn all about the traditional and world-famous matryoshka dolls and get to paint them with their own patterns and motifs. Both of these day excursions are offered on AIDAdiva and AIDAmar cruises on the Baltic Sea. 

Guests on AIDAdiva and AIDAmar can look forward to an unparalleled view of the city. The excursion “On the rooftops of Stockholm” is being newly offered in Sweden’s capital. During a guided and secured tour on Stockholm’s rooftops, guests who aren’t afraid of heights can enjoy astonishing views of this city on the water with its 14 islands. 

Those who strive to take perfect photos can learn how to do so on special photo safaris. AIDA photography specialists share professional tips and tricks for perfectly capturing the most beautiful vacation moments on camera. The photo safaris are offered during stops in Helsinki and Tallinn.

All excursions can be booked conveniently from home in the portal www.myaida.de. AIDA Baltic Sea cruises can be booked at travel agencies, online at www.aida.de, and by calling the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0)381 / 20 27 07 22.

17. September 2019

AIDAmira: Taufe für den guten Zweck

Am 30.11.2019 bekommt die AIDA Familie Zuwachs: Model und Moderatorin Franziska Knuppe wird das 14. Flottenmitglied in Palma de Mallorca auf den Namen AIDAmira taufen. Vor der Kulisse der majestätischen Kathedrale La Seu sind Gänsehautmomente vorprogrammiert. Schon einmal stand ... mehr

17. September 2019

AIDA President Felix Eichhorn präsentiert Green Cruising Strategy auf UNWTO Gipfel in Sankt Petersburg

Wie können wir mit Innovationen dem Klimawandel begegnen? Das war eine der zentralen Fragen des UNWTO Gipfeltreffens, das vom 10 bis 13. September 2019 in Sankt Petersburg (Russland) stattfand. AIDA Cruises President Felix Eichhorn war eingeladen, mit hochrangigen Vertretern aus ... mehr

10. September 2019

AIDAperla erhält 2020 das bisher größte Batteriespeichersystem in der Passagierschifffahrt

AIDA Cruises und Corvus Energy unterzeichnen anlässlich der Eröffnung der ersten Produktionsstätte des Batterieherstellers in Norwegen Vereinbarung zur weiteren Zusammenarbeit.

Anlässlich der Eröffnung der ersten Produktionsstätte von Corvus Energy im norwegischen Bergen ... mehr

05. September 2019

AIDA Cruise & Help finanziert vier weitere Schulen

Mit der Eröffnung der ersten aus Spendengeldern gebauten AIDA Schule auf den Philippinen im Frühjahr 2019 startete die Initiative AIDA Cruise & Help mit der Umsetzung ihres ersten Hilfsprojektes. AIDA hat nun gemeinsam mit seinem Partner, der Reiner Meutsch Stiftung FLY ... mehr



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