AIDA supports flood victims in Germany: Cruise line donates 100,000 euros to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft"

AIDA held a large raffle to benefit flood victims even as the devastating floods were still cutting through Germany. The ten ships of the AIDA fleet were able to raise a total of 100,000 euros to help in the relief effort. AIDA Cruises and guests are donating this money to Germany's relief coalition "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" to help those ravaged by the flooding.

Monika Griefahn, Chief Sustainability Officer at AIDA Cruises: "In the wake of such natural disasters, it is important for the victims to be able to get aid quickly without all the red tape. Every euro counts. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this fundraiser event. It gives us the chance to help people rebuild their lives and reclaim some confidence."

Supporting social and cultural projects and providing immediate relief after major catastrophes is an important part of AIDA's corporate culture. The company thus regularly supports various non-profit organizations in Germany and abroad.

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Hansjörg Kunze

Vice President Communication & Sustainability