AIDA Cruises achieves positive sustainability result in 2015

Additional milestones achieved in the commitment to reduce emissions
Rostock, 06. January 2016

AIDA Cruises, a pioneer in the German cruise industry when it comes to sustainability, successfully continued in its commitment to reduce emissions in 2015.

“We have once again achieved important milestones in environmental protection. Since 2015, AIDAsol is the first cruise ship in the world to be supplied with power from low-emission liquefied gas, supplied by the LNG Hybrid Barge in the port of Hamburg. Other ships in the AIDA fleet received the first installations of the comprehensive filter system to reduce waste gas. Together with atmosfair, we have launched a climate protection program to reduce CO2 emissions. And as a new member of the 2° Foundation, we also sent a clear signal in terms of climate protection at the World Climate Conference in Paris, among other places,” said Dr. Monika Griefahn, Chief Sustainability Officer at AIDA Cruises.

AIDA Cruises is consistently continuing on its course towards sustainability. In 2015, the company announced the order for two new ships of the latest AIDA ship generation from Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg. The two ships, which will be commissioned in 2019 and 2020, will be the first cruise liners in the world to be 100 percent operated with LNG under the Green Cruising concept.

“To us, economic success and sustainable action are not mutually opposed – quite the opposite: This is the basis for long-term success. AIDA is a trailblazer in terms of climate protection in the cruise industry, not least in its use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as low-emission fuel,” Dr. Griefahn continued.

The use of LNG is already a reality today at AIDA. Since May 30, 2015, AIDAsol has been supplied with power generated from LNG during the time spent at the Hamburg Cruise Terminal HafenCity, making it the world’s first cruise ship to be powered in this way. The LNG Hybrid Barge, a unique pilot project from Becker Marine Systems and AIDA Cruises for low-emission power supply of cruise ships, was designed, constructed and commissioned in just three years. There is currently no more environmentally friendly way to supply a cruise ship with power.

Compared to conventional marine diesel with sulfur content of 0.1 percent, the use of LNG leads to a 100 percent reduction in the emission of soot particles and sulfur oxides, an 80 percent reduction in the emission of nitrogen oxides, and a 20 percent reduction in the emission of CO2.

AIDAprima, to be put into service in 2016, and her as yet unnamed sister ship are the first cruise ships in the world to feature dual-fuel engines. They can thus be operated with LNG in ports where the necessary infrastructure exists. This is an important step, because the average cruise ship spends 40 percent of its operating time in port. With the “Green Cruising” concept, the company is going a crucial step further, operating the coming generation of ships in 2019/2020 completely with LNG, as the world’s first cruise line to do so.

AIDA Cruises started a climate protection program in 2014 together with the climate protection organization atmosfair. The cruise company compensates for the CO2 emission of all its employees' business trips through climate protection projects by atmosfair, and since March 2015 also offers its guests the opportunity of a voluntary CO2 compensation for their cruise. As part of a pilot project and for the supply of its cruise ships in the future, AIDA Cruises is testing the possibility of utilizing LNG that has been produced fully CO2-free through the power-to-gas method with wind or solar power.

Since October 2015, AIDA Cruises also supports the 2° Foundation in their work of engaging in dialog with policymakers and members of academia in order to establish an effective market-based framework for climate protection and spur German entrepreneurs to create solutions in this area. Together with additional representatives from member companies of the 2° Foundation, Dr. Monika Griefahn sent a signal on the occasion of the negotiations at the World Climate Conference in Paris, affirming AIDA Cruises' commitment to environmental protection.

More information about the commitment of AIDA Cruises to the environment and society can be found at www.aida.de/aidacares.