AIDA dances, special sports events and family hits on cruises

AIDA Cruises presents the new theme world AIDA+
Rostock, 10. März 2015

Vacation – that means finally having time for yourself, your partner and your family. Taking a deep breath, finding yourself again and trying something new.

The cruise line AIDA Cruises is bundling all theme worlds under the name AIDA+ starting now. This includes all of the workshops, lectures, shows and theme journeys that are offered in addition to the regular program, all of which designed with a lot of attention to detail.
Sports and family specials, guest artists, lecturers and versatile workshops on the topics of happiness, success, health, sports, creativity and lifestyle can now be found quickly and easily online at www.aida.de/aidaplus.

AIDA dances
Guests can practice their steps with Motsi Mabuse and her dance partner Evgenij Voznyuk on this popular theme journey. The workshops offered by the multiple German master in Latin-American dances don’t just add a new spark to the dance floor but provide lots of entertainment as well. Motsi Mabuse became famous to a wide audience as a dancer and judge on the RTL show “Let’s Dance.” Guests can show off their new moves during the festive dance evening.
Route Trans-Asia 1, AIDAbella, November 2-16, 2015

Lighter living
Experts offer advice on how to easily maintain a light and healthy diet on vacation as well as at home. Guests can find the perfect workout or a new favorite sport with the aid of professional trainers. Regeneration and mental strength are just as important for a simple sense of well-being and the right balance. Mental training with experts and an extensive wellness offer provide the required serenity and emotional strength.
For example the Northern Europe 10 trip with “iron man” and triathlete Johann Stromann, AIDAluna, July 15 to August 1, 2015

Yogaida & Ayurveda special
Renowned experts transport guests into the world of the healing arts and wellness traditions that are thousands of years old. They teach the versatile, healing procedures of yoga and convey how one can fill up on beauty and youth with ayurvedic dietary habits by the spoonful. The guests can also enjoy ayurvedic wellness rituals in the spa area.
Route Southeast Asia 9, AIDAbella, November 16-30, 2015

Family specials
AIDA+ opens a huge treasure chest for families. Highlights include the BVB Soccer Camps with professional coaches from the Evonik soccer academy of the BVB, for example. In addition to ball practice, the program also features tours of large soccer stadiums, tournaments and meetings with legendary soccer players.
The popular hip-hop band “Deine Freunde” has delighted kids and teens on board for years – this year it even has a new AIDA Kids & Teens Show.
The ex-boxer Christian Görisch adds a boost to the guests’ self-confidence.
AIDA+ also offers concerts, stage coaching, singer-songwriter workshops and more.
For example with BVB Soccer Camp, route Metropolitan 1, AIDAbella, July 25 - August 1, 2015
And for example “Boost self-confidence” with Christian Görisch, Western Europe 12, AIDAbella, August 1-15, 2015

AIDA fine arts – special art events
Live painting activities and discussions bring the guests even closer to the artists from the AIDA Art Gallery. Robert Nippoldt, for example, the award-winning illustrator of the book “Jazz: New York in the Roaring Twenties,“ presents not just his art but also offers delightful entertainment with his jazz band and readings.
Route Northern Europe 10, AIDAluna, June 28 to July 15, 2015

Discovering new horizons: Workshops
On selected trips, top trainers inspire guests to finally face those long-cherished desires, plans and topics. The offered workshops range from Sports Special with celebrity factor to type and style consulting and mental training.
For example Transamerica 1, AIDAluna, August 26 - September 12, 2015 with bestselling author Slatco Sterzenbach (“The Perfect Day“), themes: vitality & motivation
For example the route Trans-America 4, AIDAdiva, September 3-21, 2015, with TV moderator and before/after expert Marion Matschoss, themes: type & style consulting.

Journeys with depth: Lectures
On many AIDA trips, especially in Southeast Asia, North America and the Orient, experienced lecturers present exciting talks on art and culture, history, nature and religion. This way the guests already experience the country and people intensively on board and are perfectly prepared for eventful excursions on land. The selected lecturers are well-traveled, experienced personalities with interesting biographies and proven expertise, including archaeologists, art historians, language and culture scientists, cruise experts, astronomers and ocean biologists. Richly illustrated lectures show the beauty and fascination of the destinations.

You can find many additional highlights from the AIDA+ program 2015 at www.aida.de/aidaplus. All trips can be booked at a travel agency, on the AIDA website and the AIDA customer center at +49 (0)381/202 707 07.