AIDA Students venture out to Sea with Sail Training Ship "Großherzogin Elisabeth"

Rostock, 12. September 2013

The sail training ship "Großherzogin Elisabeth" landed back in Rostock just yesterday. Twenty-five students of AIDA Cruises boarded the sail training ship on August 30, 2013 in Elsfleth and have been on a training voyage in the North Sea and Baltic Sea ever since. This practice excursion lasting several weeks is part of an extensive training program offered by AIDA Cruises. It offers students optimal preparation for their seafaring studies and their first assignments on board an AIDA ship.

"On board the sail training ship, our students learn how a ship behaves in winds and weather. They also become familiar with how to set the sails as well as gaining basic nautical and technical knowledge. Team spirit and dedication are also a must. These are perfect qualifications for working on board the AIDA fleet," says Steffi Heinicke, Director HR Development. AIDA Cruises has been cooperating with the training ship organization "Großherzogin Elisabeth" e.V. for the past three years.

The next training voyage is departing today from the Rostock harbor and is headed for the Baltic Sea. On September 20, 2013 the sailer will be moored in front of the AIDA head office at Warnowufer once more before going on its last tour of the year.

Since September 1, 2013, 168 young people have been training or studying for a nautical/technical career with AIDA Cruises. The market leader for cruises in Germany offers professional challenges for leaders and skilled workers on board its ships as well as on land. Construction on two new ships will be completed by 2016, expanding the fleet of AIDA Cruises to a total of 12 ships. AIDA Cruises currently has 6,900 employees from 25 countries on land and on board the 10 AIDA ships.

For the year 2014, AIDA Cruises will once again be offering bachelor's degree study programs for the areas of operational maritime technology, nautical science, and electrical marine technology. Further information on training opportunities is available and applications can be submitted at www.aida-jobs.de.