AIDAluna cruise ship stars in Jessica Minh Anh’s cult fashion show against the New York skyline

Rostock, 11. October 2016

On 23rd October 2016, model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh will host a sky-high ocean catwalk on the sundeck of AIDAluna cruise ship. Overlooking New York’s famous skyline, she is going to put on her famous J Autumn Fashion Show 2016. Talking about the special collaborating with the world-renowned catwalk organiser, president of AIDA Cruises, Mr Felix Eichhorn, said “AIDA operates the world’s most state-of-the-art fleet and represents premium quality, creativity, and the future, just as Jessica Minh Anh does in Fashion. We are honoured to host her upcoming phenomenon on board of AIDAluna”.

Since its commissioning, AIDAluna cruise ship has maintained a close connection to the world of fashion. In 2009, international top model Franziska Knuppe assumed the role of godmother for the ship and has since returned many times to relax on board with her family. The highly anticipated showcase is part of Jessica Minh Anh's 2016 “catwalk on water" series, following her iconic floating runway on the Seine River in Paris and Sydney earlier this year. J Autumn Fashion Show, which was previously held on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, London’s Tower Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower, will premier the most distinctive haute couture, jewelry, and modernized traditional wear from different continents. Every step of the preparation has been monitored to perfection as Jessica Minh Anh continues her quest to combine architecture, culture, fashion, and art. “In this edition, I focus on the unique take of women on innovative design techniques, rare colour and fabric mixture, and key factors that transition beliefs and culture. Each designer has an interesting story to tell, and an impressive collection to match. I cannot wait for the whole world to be inspired by them” said Jessica Minh Anh. Having developed a strong relationship with international designers in her many catwalks, Jessica is bringing back Qatari powerhouse Debaj Collection, Peruvian artist Ani Alvarez Calderon, Lebanese talent Rouba.G, Polish renowned designer Teresa Rosati, Brazilian jeweler Cristina Sabatini, and Romanian pride Silvia Chiteala and Laura Cazacu of the brand Chotronette. The Vietnamese born, Russian raised, and Paris based catwalk producer will also introduce two new faces, haute couturier Zeina Halabi from Lebanon and Indonesian’s rising star Ivonne Magdalena of the label VONE. To compliment Jessica Minh Anh’s theatrical production, French hairstylist David Cotteblanche has exclusively designed architectural hairpieces and unconventional undoes for the edgy model lineup. J Autumn Fashion Show 2016 is creatively supported by Fotocare, CHICSTUDIOS NYC, Red Market Salon, and Refine Method.