Captain Detlef Harms will take command of AIDAprima

Rostock, 24. February 2016

Captain Detlef Harms (60) will be the first captain of AIDAprima. The native of Rostock has been sailing the seas since 1972. He was appointed a captain of AIDA Cruises in 2007. AIDAprima, the new flagship of Germany's leading cruise line, is not the first ship in the AIDA fleet to be put into service by the experienced captain. 2011 it was AIDAsol and in 2012 AIDAmar which went on maiden voyages under his command.

“It is always a great honor and responsibility for a captain to get a new ship underway. AIDAprima is something truly special: she is the first ship of an entirely new AIDA generation. I am looking forward to joining the crew in welcoming aboard the first guests. They will be thrilled with the many new facilities on board,” states Captain Detlef Harms.

During the latest sea trial, of which the ship returned on February 23, it proved its excellent maneuverability. AIDAprima is the first ship in the AIDA fleet to feature ultra-modern, energy-efficient Azipod drive systems, which significantly reduce fuel consumption and increase the ship's maneuverability. An additional first in the cruise industry is the use of the Mitsubishi Air Lubrication Systems (MALS). This modern technology enables the ship to glide on a cushion of air, thus further reducing fuel consumption. The totally new hull design significantly enhances energy efficiency.

All news about AIDAprima are available on a daily basis on www.aida.de/neue-generatio .

AIDAprima is the first cruise ship in the world which is equipped with so-called dual-fuel engines. In future AIDAprima will be operated with virtually no emissions thanks to the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) while it is berthed. Thanks to as yet unrivaled exhaust treatment technology the emissions of soot particles, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides on board AIDAprima will be reduced by between 90 and 99 percent.

AIDAprima’s first seven-day cruise from Hamburg to the most beautiful metropolises in Western Europe will get underway on April 30, 2016. Stops along the way on this fascinating cruise will be London/Southampton, Paris/Le Havre, Brussels/Zeebrügge and Rotterdam. AIDAprima is the first cruise ship ever to undertake journey from Hamburg year round. Further details on the commissioning of AIDAprima will be presented soon.

More information on AIDA Cruises can be found at travel agencies, online at www.aida.de, or with the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0) 381 / 20 27 07 07.