Entertainment highlights aboard the AIDA fleet

Rostock, 14. January 2017

AIDA guests will be able to enjoy what will probably be the most spectacular and varied entertainment at sea in 2017. It is not only the ship and the destinations that define an AIDA vacation cruise but also the multi award-winning on-board entertainment program. Every day of the year promises endless variety with specific specials, for example with entertainers such as Birgit Schrowange, Elisabeth Hermann, Bettina Tietjen, Hera Lind, Hubertus Meyer-Burkhard, Motsi Mabuse, Julius Brink, Dr. Pedro Gonzales, Franz Schned, Heike Drechsler, Uschi Disl, Patrick Bach and many others.

“Our guests always come first. In order to lastingly increase our guests’ satisfaction even more over the long term, we have meticulously crafted a customized entertainment program for every single cruise,” explains Steffi Heinicke, Vice President Guest Service with AIDA Cruises.

Apart from the established classics such as the Prime Time and fabulously staged shows such as Germany’s most popular quiz show, “Wer wird Millionär,” (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) or the singing show “The Voice of the Ocean” which was specially adapted for the AIDA fleet, during the coming cruise year there will be plenty more new highlights. These include, for instance, the new shows “Die Küchenschlacht” (Kitchen Battle) and “Das Glücksrad” (Wheel of Fortune).

On selected cruises, AIDA is offering even more unforgettable experiences and adventures with numerous celebrities, high-caliber experts, inspiring themed programs, top-class trainers, guest artistes, and readers. With dancing, cooking, singing and teaching going on, every AIDA guest is actively involved in everything, and not just an onlooker.

The full range of entertainment for what will soon be the twelve ships of the AIDA Cruises has been developing in Hamburg over the last 5 years, guided by Borris Brandt, Director AIDA Entertainment. “What motivates me every day is the desire to bring a smile to the faces of our guests on board, and inspire them with joy. My team and I are passionately devoted to creating a unique vacation experience,” says Brandt. Speaking on board AIDAprima – together with Hansjörg Kunze, Vice President Communication & Sustainability, and TV presenter Birgit Schrowange – Brandt gave an overview of what guests can look forward to this year.

With the “Celebrities Read” event, guests will have a chance to experience Birgit Schrowange on board AIDAprima in April 2017. One of the best-known presenters on German television, she is already looking forward to her appearance and the exciting travel. “I have been on cruises before in a private capacity and I feel completely at home on board a ship. I am delighted to have this chance to get close to AIDA’s guests with my readings, and be able to offer them this additional experience on their dream vacation.”

Well over 20 well-known presenters, actors and best-selling writers from the movies, television and theater will be captivating guests on board during 2017 with their entertaining, exciting, amusing, and moving readings. They include TV presenter Bettina Tietjen, the award-winning crime thriller and screenplay writer Elisabeth Hermann, best-selling writer and singer Hera Lind, and NDR Talkshow presenter and producer Hubertus Meyer-Burkhard.

More than 60 top-class trainers and experts in various disciplines will be advising guests on how to boost their vitality and get more pleasure out of life on over 90 AIDA cruises. Guests will benefit, for instance, from training programs put together by professional athletes. At personal training sessions and workshops they will also get to meet some of Germany’s most successful sports personalities – such as double Olympic medalist and several time-world champion Heike Drechsler, the former biathlete Uschi Disl, beach volleyball player Julius Brink, and Dr. Pedro Gonzalez, coach to world and Olympic champions.

Motsi Mabuse – well-known from the RTL TV show “Let’s dance” – will be coming aboard for the eighth time in a row in fall 2017 for the established and popular “AIDA tanzt” (AIDA dances) series. On the voyage from Majorca to Dubai on board AIDAstella guests will be able to take part in diverse dance workshops, show dances, and a glittering gala evening when they will be able to show off what they have learned. Many of their fellow dancers, such as Joachim Llambi, Christian Polanc and Massimo Sinato have already tripped the light fantastic aboard AIDA ships in the past.

On more than 140 cruises it will not only be the AIDA Stars who guarantee the very best entertainment but also more than 120 top guest artistes from the genres of music and show, comedy and cabaret, conjuring and mental magic, drag queens and acrobatics. Top mental magician Harry Sher will be one of the performers who, in addition to his fantastic show, will also be holding his popular workshops on body language. Star tenor Tobey Wilson will be on board AIDAdiva in April 2017 as the ship cruises from Gran Canaria to Warnemünde, performing his repertoire which ranges from classical to pop to jazz. There will also be regional guest artistes and Caribbean bands during overnights, as well as readings of route-themed literature to add a little more local color.

Numerous family specials while on vacation will ensure even more action and fun – particularly for young guests. For example, under the motto of “Sing like a Star”, the band Johna will be thrilling the kids with authentic, handmade music on board AIDAsol at the end of August 2017.

In addition, around 30 readers – all equipped with impressive résumés and great expertise in their given fields – will be bringing entertaining stories about different countries and their people aboard – on more than 200 AIDA cruises.

Guests on board AIDAsol in early 2017 for the “Climate and Ocean” themed cruise, for instance, will find out lots of useful facts from the illustrious climatologist Prof. Mojib Latif.

Further information about AIDA vacation world offers is available at travel agencies, on www.aida.de/aidaplus or at the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0) 381 / 20 27 07 07.