The first AIDA ship of the cruise season docks in Hamburg on Saturday

With 74 arrivals, AIDA Cruises is the Hanseatic city’s most important cruise partner
Rostock, 26. February 2016

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, the first cruise ship of the season – AIDAmar from AIDA Cruises – arrives in Hamburg. Coming from Le Havre, the ship will dock at the Steinwerder Cruise Center at 8 a.m. AIDAmar spent the winter in the Caribbean.

The captain of the 253-meter long and 28-meter wide ship is Jörg Miklitza. He will steer AIDAmar back out of the port of Hamburg by 6 p.m. already and set its course on Southampton, Le Havre, Zeebrugge and Amsterdam.

With its 74 arrivals, the AIDA season 2016 in Hamburg will be the strongest ever in the company’s history. Between the first arrival on February 27 and the last arrival on December 31, 2016, a total of six AIDA ships will travel to the metropolitan center on the Elbe. These numbers underscore the strong position of AIDA Cruises in Hamburg and the extraordinary economic significance of the company for the Hanseatic city.

As of April 30, 2016, AIDAprima will start taking one-week round trips throughout the year to great Western European cities and will be the most frequent guest with 36 arrivals. No other cruise ship has ever visited the Hanseatic city as often in one year. AIDAprima is the first cruise ship with a shore power connection, a comprehensive system for exhaust gas aftertreatment, and a dual fuel engine. This can also be operated directly with LNG, depending on availability.

The regular guests in Hamburg also include AIDAsol (24 arrivals) and AIDAmar (10 arrivals). AIDAaura, AIDAvita and AIDAdiva will also make an appearance on the Elbe stage. The summer program offers trips to fascinating fjord landscapes and great European cities as well as the transatlantic voyages to New York or Miami. A special highlight for ship lovers are the arrivals taking place during the HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY. AIDA is the main sponsor of this top maritime event.

Information about the Hamburg season and the AIDA trips can be made through a travel agency, at www.aida.de, or by calling the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0) 381/20 27 07 07.