Video premiere: drone race on AIDAprima

Rostock, 27. June 2016

The new flagship from AIDA Cruises, AIDAprima, will once again be the showplace of spectacular scenes: two racing drones race through the vessel. As of today the video can be seen on www.aida.de, youtube (www.youtube.com/watch) and social media channels.

In the film, two racing drones of the type Vortex 250 Pro, which can reach a maximum speed of 120 km/h, race through AIDAprima. They present the new vessel from unique, in some cases extreme perspectives. They fly at high speed over the Lanai deck, the Patio deck and through the Beach Club. Other exciting scenes take place in the Theatrium, in the restaurants and in the Organic Spa. The drones aren't even stopped at the double water slide Racer.

The two-minute video was filmed in April 2016 during the crossing of AIDAprima to Hamburg. The drones were flown with the help of VR glasses by two pro pilots, Detlef Wormstall and Alex Wulf from Skypros. In addition to the onboard cameras of the two drones, additional stationary route cameras and another camera drone were used.
The action-filled race is accompanied by the song "Ordinary Tribe" by The Everlasters.

The video leads to the website www.aida.de/primaerleben, where one can discover the new vessel and the world of AIDA. Bookings of AIDA cruises can be made through a travel agency, online at www.aida.de, or by calling the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0) 381/20 27 07 07.