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Further education

Training and further education

Investment in skills development of our employees

One basic cornerstone of our successful corporate philosophy is to discover strengths and further develop potential. A candidate can only pursue a successful personal endeavor or professional career path if he or she has specific goals.

For that reason, we support our employees strategically and professionally with practical training programs and continuing education opportunities that are customized for the cruise industry. The courses are taught on land as well as at sea, at international training centers and via the Internet.

We ensure that our employees continue to enhance their skills. Therefore, we offer cruise-specific training and courses for our trainees and students at the AIDA Academy, but we also provide sophisticated continuing education programs for our employees.

The multi-day training opportunities are designed specifically by AIDA following the newest teaching methods, are continuously enhanced, and taught by specialists. In addition to specialized workshops, the programs also contain interactive training sequences and simulation exercises. We thus ensure that our employees are given the practical training they need to fulfill the requirements of today's cruise industry.

Among others, the following programs are available:

  • New entrants nautical and technology training
  • Refresher workshops for nautical sciences and technology
  • HESS

The training provides new entrants to nautical sciences and maritime technology at AIDA Cruises with extensive information about AIDA-specific topics and expertise taught by experienced professionals in the industry and from academia.

The following information is taught:

  • Use of various automation and PC-controlled systems on board
  • The operation of different technical systems and facilities
  • Current standards, laws and regulations in the cruise industry for you in your role in ship management
  • In addition you will take the Test of Maritime English (TOME) and will continue to develop your language skills

The refresher workshops are designed for employees who are looking for new challenges and who want to grow with the requirements of a dynamic work environment.

The following information is taught:

  • System knowledge, technical knowledge, rules in the area of management systems
  • In-depth skill building in leadership and management as well as teamwork
  • AIDA-specific processes and standards
  • Reinforcement of communication in the English language

Safety is top priority – that also applies for everyday life on board. We therefore continuously train our employees in the HESS topics of health and hygiene, environment, safety and security.

Additional information can be found in the AIDA cares - Report


People who are supposed to take on responsibility need preparation. We thus train our employees and managers to continuously enhance their management capabilities and to systematically prepare them for key positions. In this manner, we support particularly effective employees and our management employees with customized management development programs:

  • AIDA Spirits
  • AIDA Leaders
  • AIDA Excellence

The AIDA Spirits program enables young people with potential and our junior managers to learn and apply human resource management and self-management methods.

Objectives of the program:

  • Teach principles of human resource management and self-management to newcomers in leadership positions
  • Expand method competency and strengthen personal development
  • Support the exchange of sea and land employees

The AIDA Leaders program is geared towards managers on land and officers at sea. The program gives managers the opportunity to enhance their skill sets and reflect on their management style and approach while taking into account their expertise and experiences they have had with motivation and managing employees, team and self.

Objectives of the program:

  • Expanding management expertise with respect to employees, team and self
  • Reinforcement of AIDA leadership methods
  • Support the exchange of sea and land managers
  • Reflecting on personal management style and approach

Even for top management positions, AIDA Cruises supports continuing education and further development of skill sets. The exclusively offered AIDA Excellence program is targeted to initiate a strong focus on success and innovative spirit, to teach the latest trends in enterprise management and to enhance strategic competence.

Objectives of the program:

  • Initiating focus on success and innovative spirit
  • Teach the latest trends in enterprise management
  • Enhance strategic competence
  • Allow exchange of ideas and benchmarking with external experts
E-Learning at AIDA

Our employees can access the AIDA Expert e-learning system anytime from anywhere in the world. Each employee can log in at their own discretion and learn whatever they need to at their own pace.

Traditional e-learning opportunities are, for example, ethics and sustainability programs, safety modules, language courses as well as product-specific specialist and methodologies training.

We are constantly growing – and so does the need for well-trained and committed employees. As a globally active organization, we also engage in junior management development at the international level. We operate training centers in the Philippines (Manila), in India (Goa), Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali) and in the Ukraine (Yalta and Kiev).

AIDA bears the costs of the AIDA specific trainings for the crew. 

Internationale Trainings

The one- to three-week training programs are designed as workshops and include theoretical as well as practical modules. The courses range from the basic AIDA orientation program and AIDA Trainee to the continuing special training programs, such as AIDA Advanced Housekeeping, AIDA Advanced Bar, AIDA Advanced Restaurant or AIDA Laundry. All training programs are led by a specifically qualified docents and contain extensive modules addressing the HESS topics of health and hygiene, environment, and occupational health and safety.

We are expanding training and continuing education options at all sites to reflect the reality on board as closely as possible. For example, the training is conducted in AIDA-specific cruise cabins, so-called mock-up cabins, an AIDA galley and with original AIDA equipment.

The management development program AIDA Leaders Asia offers all international managers and employees with high potential the opportunity to expand their special knowledge in the areas of communication, intercultural expertise, and human resource management or also to enhance their German language skills.