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Job descriptions in the AIDA customer center

Job descriptions in the AIDA customer center

Become part of the AIDA family!

Our employees bear great responsibility in developing a successful relationship with our guests and travel agency partners, and they do this with enthusiasm, faith, and trust in our products.

If you have the talent, commitment, and are someone who enjoys sales, then you have found the right employer at our customer center. In a modern and technically innovative working environment, you will find the optimum conditions for a job that inspires you anew day after day. Familial team structures and flat hierarchies help to strengthen a pronounced feeling of unity.

A distinctive corporate health management policy and a family-friendly working hours model help contribute to keeping the work-life balance of our employees right where it should be. This enables us to make the vacation dreams of our guests become a reality each and every day.


Employee of the AIDA customer center

Exciting job with first-class future prospects

Exciting job with first-class future prospects

As an employee in the AIDA customer center, you will not only benefit from a young, modern, and dynamic environment with excellent working conditions, you will also occupy a very special position: As the first contact for our guests and travel agency partners, you function as the face of the most successful German cruise line.

Our demand – the happiness of our guests – is your top priority as well. Show us your talent in advising customers competently, professionally, and in a friendly manner and start awakening the special AIDA vacation feeling in our guests when they book their trip.

You will begin your career in the AIDA customer center with a comprehensive training. In a mix of theory and practice, you will learn the basics of the diverse range of AIDA products. In addition, you will receive helpful communication and sales training that will support you in your day-to-day work. A special highlight will be your visit aboard an AIDA ship with a guided tour. Benefit from impressions gained first-hand, because enthusiasm for a product is conveyed best once you have experienced it for yourself.

After successfully completing your training period, you will be optimally prepared to begin taking care of guests and sales partners as well as begin actively selling AIDA cruises. You will also learn additional skills step-by-step: In addition to regular training sessions, you will also be supported through specific training programs that offer you excellent career opportunities.

Travel consultant

Take a journey to professional success with the AIDA smile

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As a travel consultant in the AIDA customer center, you will be tasked with the special responsibility of representing AIDA as a first-class host and provide our customers with personal and individual care.

The basis for beginning a job as a travel consultant is, of course, knowing the product inside and out. Thanks to comprehensive introductory training and targeted communication and sales training sessions, you quickly develop into a cruise expert and can help get our guests excited about our vacation trips with your passion.

What is special about working as a travel consultant in the AIDA customer center is your independence. You organize the contact to your customers all on your own and build your own, constant customer base through your competency, commitment, and high degree of professionalism. You will be supported in your determination and rewarded for your daily commitment, not only through the gratitude of our satisfied guests, but also through an attractive bonus system.

Our travel consultants, in particular, are very closely associated with the brand that they represent – regardless of whether their hearts beat for AIDA or Costa. That is why knowing the product first-hand is essential to providing good advice. Above all, you can draw on your own experiences and, in turn, mesmerize others. In order to be able to gain these specific impressions, we give our employees a one day-long guided tour aboard one of our ships. In addition, you will regularly receive training that will constantly keep you up to date on our range of products.