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The Sea as a Working Environment

The Sea as a Working Environment

Further your career and discover the world

Growing in your job, assuming responsibility, making a career, and traveling the world all at the same time. All this and more is possible with AIDA Cruises. There is hardly another company where you can combine your own personal development so perfectly with your passion for travel as on board the AIDA fleet.

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From now until 2020, the AIDA fleet will be growing to 14 highly modern cruise ships. Our ships travel to the sunniest and most enticing areas of the world –from Asia to the Caribbean. When you work at AIDA, you don’t get tied down to one location, but rather, you can explore virtually the whole world.

Switching between different AIDA ships has an additional benefit: You get to work in new, international teams again and again and quickly form friendships and gain important life experiences. Young people build careers exceptionally quickly at AIDA – provided they have the qualifications, ambition, and commitment. For example, the youngest head chef in the gourmet restaurant, Rossini, is 24 years young. Rapidly climbing the career ladder – it’s possible on board AIDA.

Despite the work, LIVING isn’t short-changed. Unlike most other cruise companies, AIDA provides the crew with several possibilities to live a balanced life with exciting recreational activities. On our ships, there is a crew sauna, a crew pool, a fitness studio, and a crew bar. The food in the crew mess hall is diverse, first-class, and – just like the work clothes, accommodations, and equipment free of charge.

For the best time of your life

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The crew cabins on the AIDA ships are among the most comfortable accommodations in terms of size and amenities for ship crews anywhere and are, of course, cleaned. Internet, television, and telephone access are available right in the cabins. Of course, our crew members always have access to the guest areas.

With AIDA, you get to know the world from its best side. Every employee has the opportunity to take extended shore leave or go for a jog along the coast. Moreover, AIDA offers crew excursions at special conditions. In addition to careers and personal development, you will also fill your photo album with valuable memories of places in this world that others can only dream of.

The working environment of a cruise ship is so diverse and colorful, and AIDA is your ticket to this world. True to our motto “For the Best Time of Your Life!” we offer you a highly interesting position at the most modern level, international contacts, excellent career prospects, and last but not least, the unique opportunity to discover the world in your free time.