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AIDA supports Rostock Migrant Council’s Multicultural Weeks: “Diversity: The best remedy for narrow-mindedness.”

Rostock, 28. September 2016

In 2016 the cruise operator AIDA Cruises is once again supporting the Migrant Council’s work for the Hanseatic City of Rostock’s Multicultural Weeks, sending out a signal for tolerance and cultural diversity. This week AIDA press spokesman Hansjörg Kunze presented a donation check for 2,500 euros to Dr. Rubén Cárdenas Carbajal, Managing Director of the Hanseatic City of Rostock’s Migrant Council. “Intercultural dialog is an important element of our corporate culture,” says Hansjörg Kunze. “At AIDA Cruises we have employees from over 40 countries. A cosmopolitan spirit, respect, tolerance and teamwork between people from many different countries around the world are values that are enshrined in our company, and are put into practice by our employees. Our commitment to social diversity is second nature to us.” Under the motto of “Diversity: The best remedy for narrow-mindedness,” the Rostock Multicultural Weeks take place annually between August and December, and contribute towards promoting co-existence between Germans and migrants, and creating meeting points for people of every different background. This is being achieved, most notably, through diverse cultural events designed to inform people about other cultures and lifestyles with the aim of dismantling prejudices and awakening interest.

24. February 2020

AIDAcosma: 140-meter-long LNG engine room unit to be transferred from Rostock-Warnemünde to Papenburg

Early this morning (February 24, 2020), it was “Cast off!” at the Neptun Werft shipyard in Rostock-Warnemünde for the 140-meter-long, 42-meter-wide, and four-deck-high floating engine room unit for AIDAcosma. The construction module of AIDA Cruises’ second cruise ship to be ... [more]

24. January 2020

AIDA Cruises offers gap year to bachelor’s graduates

Starting now, the cruise line is offering bachelor’s graduates the opportunity to gather practical work experience on shore and on board the AIDA fleet.“Young people who have earned their bachelor’s degree can gain professional experience with us before pursuing their master’s ... [more]

01. August 2019

AIDA Cruises starts new round of job training

On August 1, 15 young people will start their job training with the cruise company AIDA Cruises and at the AIDA Customer Center. Ten future travel agents will be joining the AIDA Customer Center in August. AIDA Cruises, meanwhile, will gain a media designer, an industrial ... [more]