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AIDA donates 10,000 euros to “Orang-Utans in Not” association

Rostock, 01. February 2018

On AIDAprima’s cruise around the Canaries and Madeira, a very special guest was on board for the daily talk show aboard: Julia Cissewski (45), who works with the Max Planck Institute in the area of evolutionary anthropology, and is the chairwoman of the charitable organization “Orang-Utans in Not e.V.” (orangutans in need). She was presented with a check from AIDA for 10,000 euros by Captain Detlef Harms. AIDA was honoring the current award winner who was recognized last year for her voluntary commitment and civil courage by Europe’s biggest women’s magazine at a gala aboard AIDAprima.

The Leipzig organization “Orang-Utans in Not e.V.” is dedicated to the protection and conservation of wild orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. At the Prime Time Talk with AIDAprima Entertainment Manager Silvia Minardi, Julia Cissewski provided a rapt Theatrium audience with some thrilling and emotional insights into her work with the association. Speaking on the stage, Cissewski explained: “AIDA’s donation will go to an orangutan rescue center in Borneo which shelters around 300 orphaned orangutans who have lost their mothers due to rainforest clearance.”

Apart from Cissewski, five other everyday heroines were honored for their unique services to society. Each of the award winners can look forward to a donation of 10,000 euros from AIDA for their favorite charitable project, and a cruise with AIDAprima.