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AIDA publishes its kids' travel guidebook

AIDA Clubbies are the stars among the new cruise ship books
Rostock, 04. November 2014

The AIDA Clubbies are seen as big heroes by the little ones on board the AIDA ships. They are called Alwine, Itzi, Dodo and Achwasachwas, and they see to it that each cruise is accompanied by a lot of fun. For the first time the children's travel guide with the Clubbies in the lead is appearing in print. The book is called "Four Friends on a Journey". The kids can discover the Canaries and Norway with the help of their four friends.

The books offer colorful stories based on adventures of the four Clubbies and deal with subjects such as geography, language, attractions and special features on AIDA routes. They give kids country-related puzzles which add to the knowledge they themselves acquire by visiting the ports AIDA cruises call on. In these lovingly illustrated guidebooks there is even room for one's own jotted-down memories and paintings.

This winter season the travel guide for the Canaries "In the Hunt for Green Gold" will become an integral part of the Kids Clubs on AIDAstella, AIDAcara, and AIDAblu. Helped by the children and the travel experts on board, the Kids Crew will conduct researches on each travel guide. In doing so, knowledge related to the journey will be shared in a playful manner, and by the journey's end each guidebook will have turned into a very personal travel diary for the little travelers. All kids participating in the Kids Club will get their own personal edition free of charge.

Let us look at an example of a 7 day Canaries-cruise on AIDAstella: an adult can book a cruise in the pre-Christmas season in December starting at 449 euros. Up to two kids no older than 15 can travel free of charge when lodging with their parents and traveling in the X-, S-, and A-Season. An arrival and departure package can be booked starting at 430 euros per adult and 320 euros per child.

The children's guidebook "Where the Wild Trolls Live" will become part of the Norway routes, starting with the summer season of 2015. These children's guidebooks are exclusively available on board AIDA ships.

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