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Bamboo bikes on AIDA’s World Cruise

Rostock, 26. November 2019

On the 3rd AIDA World Cruise, there will be 70 very special “my Boo” bicycles on board AIDAaura. What makes them unique is the unusual material used for the frames. Bamboo is a wonderful, renewable material that is strong as steel and light as aluminum. The springy quality of bamboo bikes makes them especially comfortable for AIDA guests to ride. In addition to the classic mountain bike version, there is also a choice of pedelecs equipped with an electric auxiliary motor.

“We’ve been using the bamboo bikes on shore excursions ranging from Madeira to Mindelo to Rio de Janeiro and they are very robust. Guests enjoy the cycling comfort and find the sustainable aspect just fantastic,” said Frank Bönsch, Director Shore Excursions at AIDA Cruises, after the first trials. “We’re pleased to bring this project on board AIDAaura to the entire world, together with our guests, as kind of ambassadors of bamboo bikes,” Bönsch added.

AIDA guests are also riding their bamboo bikes for a good cause. My Boo is a young social business from Kiel that funds social projects in Ghana with the proceeds. With the bike sales, the company finances and runs its own school in Ghana, creating secure and fairly paid jobs at the same time. Around 80 hours of craftsmanship are invested in each bicycle frame. After a very thorough quality check, the frames are painted and then transported to Kiel where they are assembled by hand into finished bikes.

In the next few days, AIDAmira, who’s joining the AIDA fleet on November 30, 2019, will also receive 70 my Boo bamboo bikes. AIDAcara and AIDAvita are receiving theirs in the middle of 2020. With its purchase of around 300 bamboo bikes for its four Selection ships, AIDA Cruises is supporting an innovative product, a targeted social project, and sustainable business. 

AIDA Cruises has published more information on its environmental and sustainability commitment in the current sustainability report AIDA cares 2019 at

The bamboo bikes can also be purchased in the AIDA online shop. The men’s AIDA bamboo cross bike is selling e.g. starting from 2,199 euros. More information at