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International Art Event with Cartoonist Mordillo on AIDAsol

Cruise line presents 10,000 works of art on ten ships
Rostock, 19. July 2015

On Sunday, July 19, 2015, guests of the cruise ship AIDAsol experienced a real firework display of artistic pleasure. Six renowned artists in all presented their works on board and spoke about their creations. The most prominent guest was the Argentine graphic artist and cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo. The media-shy world star and inventor of the bulbous nose characters is one of the most renowned artists in the AIDA art galleries. The inventor of the AIDA red lips, Feliks Büttner, the painter Devin Miles, Malte Brekenfeld belonging to the artist group MARFA, as well as Rando Geschewski and caricaturist Peter Bauer are also presenting their works to the public.

“From the very beginning the cruise line AIDA Cruises has had a mission to give high priority to art on board. Today the works of many known artists enthuse some 800,000 guests each year who spend their vacation on our ships,” explains Michael Ungerer, President of AIDA Cruises.

Shipbuilding and art – both are tradition at AIDA Cruises. The cruise line set artistic accents right at the start, when the first AIDA ship went into service back in 1996. The exterior painting of the AIDA ships grabs your attention right from the start: Two glistening eyes at the bow, to the kiss-pursed lips, and eyelids that are drawn out like waves over the ship’s sides. Rostock painter Feliks Büttner gave the AIDA ships a face with glowing colors.

The painting of the AIDA ships also provides a taste of what travellers can expect on board: More than 10,000 works of art are found on the AIDA ships. In public spaces you will find numerous works by important artists of international standing, others by up-and-coming young artists from all over Germany. These include Moritz Götze, James Rizzi, Ottmar Hörl, artists group MARFA, to name just a few. All the while, the numerous pictures, sculptures, woven pieces and painting are skillfully integrated into the ship’s interior. Art treasures await the viewer at all possible and seemingly impossible places for a dialog – whether in the staircase, at the reception, in the spa area or in the officers’ mess.

AIDA Cruises has succeeded in meaningfully combining business and art with the art collection on board AIDA ships. For eight years now, AIDA has been successfully operating the now ten floating art galleries on its ships. The fixed inventory of exhibits on board comprises up to 2,000 works of art per ship from 45 different artists valued from 120 euros up to 200,000 euros. The art on offer is curated by AIDA itself and provides collectors and newcomers alike an attractive offer. All genres of contemporary art are to be found, including paintings, drawings, printed graphics, sculpture and hand-made designer jewelry. Academically trained staff offer the guest expert advice and conduct art auctions.
Each year AIDA is responsible for about 300 deliveries of art works to the ships, transports them in shock-proof rolling containers, and organizes the transportation from the ship directly to the guest from all AIDA destinations. In addition, AIDA regularly offers special art theme trips during which guests can personally meet and experience their favorite artist live. The artists then transform the ship into their personal studio and create unique works of art that subsequently can be bought at auction.

AIDA Cruises is offering special theme cruises related to art in 2015.

Feliks Büttner on AIDAcara 25.07.–08.08.2015
Ekaterina Moré on AIDAdiva 27.07.–06.08.2015
Susanne Kraißer on AIDAluna 26.08.–12.09.2015

Sandra Rauch on AIDAdiva 03.09.–21.09.2015

Andreas Schiller on AIDAstella 16.10.–23.10.2015

Rando Geschewski, Tim Davies on AIDAprima 01.10.–30.10.2015

Andreas Schiller on AIDAstella 23.10.–30.10.2015

Michael Weigel on AIDAvita 25.10.–12.11.2015

Feliks Büttner, Sandra Rauch, Malte Brekenfeld on AIDAprima 30.10.–20.11.2015

There will be numerous events taking place during the art cruises. In addition to art auctions, there will be explanations about the many works, art talks and special exhibitions presented on board. Particularly popular among art lovers is the “Blind date”, where pictures by the artists present are bought at auction unseen by the guests on board. All art lovers can book this cruise offers with their local travel agent, at or at the AIDA Customer Center by call in the number +49-381-20270707.