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New features in MyAIDA: Vacation enjoyment starts even before the trip

Rostock, 17. July 2014

MyAIDA is a personal travel guide before, during, and after the cruise. New features and benefits keep making the online portal service more attractive.

Online planning on MyAIDA is also possible as soon as the AIDA cruise is booked. Guests can use the portal to completely customize every travel day on board. Excursions, wellness applications, workshops, and beverage packages can be booked long before the trip. For special moments like birthdays and other celebrations, presents can be ordered from the AIDA shop or a cake order can be placed as a surprise. The portal can also be used to book reservations for a table in one of the coveted à la carte restaurants, request a baby monitor, or schedule laundry service. Booking early pays off because MyAIDA offers special prices for many onboard services.

In addition, the portal offers important information about booking, arrival and departure, the weather forecast, and a cabin preview. The airline seat reservations feature is completely new. Guests who book in the PREMIUM rate can use this free of charge. A vacation countdown heightens the anticipation until the trip starts and can be downloaded onto a personal computer.

Guests can continue to benefit from MyAIDA even after they board. The latest news from around the world, the onboard program, port information as well as a shipboard account preview and a lot of other complimentary information can all be pulled up on the portal. Guests can use the onboard WLAN for exclusive access to MyAIDA with their smartphones or tablets at no additional charge.

Even the best vacations come to an end eventually. However, guests can also use MyAIDA after the cruise if they want to order another travel video, send the shipboard account statement home, or capture all the dream vacation memories in their very own photobook.
All guests and travel agencies can access MyAIDA shortly after booking the cruise by going to