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AIDA as an employer

AIDA as an employer

Finding and retaining employees

It is our firm belief that only a satisfied employee can greet our guests with the fabled AIDA smile. Of course, employee satisfaction is dependent on a healthy working environment. But confidence in personal abilities is also essential. We offer our employees diverse career opportunities and encourage their talents with appropriate training programs for personal and professional development. We also look after the future with our operative achievements. Our employees reward our commitment with their unwavering loyalty to the company. The result of the latest major Employee Satisfaction Survey in 2012 tells us what AIDA employees particularly value: Creative work for a premium brand in an international environment, and our corporate culture based on openness and a strong value system. 

Occupational areas

AIDA as an employer

We offer diverse working opportunities. These range from jobs in the hotel, tourism and business administration sectors, and in nautical sciences and technology, right through to environmental management. Qualified applicants in a wide range of professions are guaranteed exciting career development opportunities, both on board and ashore. Our Career Days focus on jobs at sea and provide an insight into life and work on board. Those interested in restaurant, bar or kitchen work will quickly feel at home in the “Guest” job family. It is also possible to start a career at AIDA in the areas of entertainment, well-being or nautical science. Those who complete maritime training to become a mechatronics engineer, or a study program to become a ship’s engineer, navigator or ship’s electrical engineer, are also all familiarized with a traditional seafarer’s life. An internship of several weeks on board the sail training ship “Großherzogin Elisabeth”, also known as Lissi, is a great experience. But, more than that, it also provides trainees with a basic knowledge of seafaring and strengthens team spirit. In March 2012, AIDA received the award of top training program for mechatronics engineers from the Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

In all work areas at AIDA the same applies: We have an open world outlook, set great store by quality and are completely convinced that diverse cultural influences are enriching. Learning from one another is not something to which AIDA only pays lip service. Instead it is the bedrock of our corporate culture. It goes without saying that our focus on safety is also part of our quality standards. That is why we train and qualify our employees on a continual basis from the start of their employment on. We have developed a holistic training concept. HESS stands for: Health and Hygiene, Environment, Safety, Security. In 2012, 51% of our employees took part in a HESS-themed training program. Furthermore, all onboard employees receive comprehensive initial training and refresher courses in all HESS categories.

Employee services

We offer our employees an attractive working environment with an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. In addition, we make it possible for them to achieve a good work-life balance. Employees can benefit from our varied AIDA leisure offers both ashore and on board. Furthermore, we have brought together the AIDA Plus package, with offers including trips at employee rates, onboard reductions, special conditions for sport, well-being, health and leisure activities and also for associated companies. The other advantages of the AIDA Plus package include a company, employer-financed pension and employee bonuses. Furthermore, we honor the commitment of our employees with events to which we also invite their families. The launch of AIDAstella, for example, will be completely employee-oriented. Employees and their families will be invited to celebrate this event on board. The launch will be rounded off with a varied and painstakingly thought-out program for families with children.
Since 2006, the AIDA Crew Day and other special events have been put in place for onboard employees.

In addition to this, we also foster good employee health. We inform employees about the benefits of keeping themselves fit and healthy, and create incentives for regeneration and keeping active. As well as sports offers in the fitness studio and courses for good health, our employees also benefit from free treatments from our onboard hospital workers as part of the seafarers’ healthcare program. Healthcare includes occupational health check-ups and flu vaccinations.

A family-friendly workplace is part of a successful work-life balance. That’s why places are reserved for children of employees at the AIDA kindergarten. There are also special conditions at childcare agencies and flexible working time models. Employees in nautical, technical and electrical engineering now spend three, rather than four, months at sea at a time, and then spend two months at home ashore. That means we are further improving compatibility between work and family life.

Employee survey

We are more than aware that our motivated and enthusiastic employees are at the heart of our success. So it goes without saying that we do everything within our powers to foster this positive atmosphere. We are best equipped to do this when we know what our employees care about, what they appreciate at their workplace and where they would like to see improvements.

In April 2012, we therefore carried out a comprehensive employee survey on the following issues:

  • Team work
  • Communication and information
  • Professional development
  • Leadership
  • Pride and motivation
  • Ethics and sustainability

Overall, almost half of our employees took part. Forty nine per cent took part in our survey – equivalent to 2,723 shoreside and onboard employees. Our employees identified working creatively for an outstanding brand in an international environment as a particular highlight. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are particularly pleased to note that our principles in terms of ethics and sustainability were highly valued by our employees. Internal communication and process transparency, on the other hand, are important areas for action. The key to further improvements lies in relationship-building and mutual respect.

Our employee newsletter detailed the initial trends. The findings were first shared with and discussed by the ship and area managers, with support from the HR department. The result of the employee survey was then communicated to management staff and employees both on board and ashore, before being jointly evaluated. This generated numerous ideas and suggestions for improvements. We summarized these in a strategy catalog that we presented in November 2012.

The aim of the survey is to shape our working environment in conjunction with our employees and ensure continual improvements. That’s because our enthusiasm inspires our guests too.

GRI Index

GRI Index

Our sustainability report is based on the regulations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

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