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Eco-friendly cruises

Eco-friendly cruises

We can achieve great things together

The AIDA fleet is one of the cleanest cruise ship fleets in the world. Through the use of the latest technology, we continually reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of our ships. Our long-term goal is to offer zero-emission cruise trips. For the time being, however, this objective is not feasible from a technical point of view. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released during every voyage. Every one of us can make a contribution in order to balance out our greenhouse gas emissions.

Simple and effective

In collaboration with the climate protection organization ‘atmosfair’, we offer our guests the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions released during their cruise and their flights from Germany, Austria and Switzerland by making a financial contribution to atmosfair climate protection projects. They are free to determine the amount of the contribution themselves by selecting one of the climate packages on MyAIDA in the ‘In/Outbound Journey’ (An- und Abreise) section.

atmosfair invests the donated amount in global projects that promote eco-friendly energy production methods, for example solar, biomass, hydroelectric and energy saving power plants. This means the CO2 emissions that would otherwise be released can instead be saved. Local people in the supported areas thus have access, often for the first time, to a cleaner and consistently reliable energy supply.

By virtue of their CO2 offsets, our guests support a project called ‘Generating electricity from crop residues in India’.

AIDA moreover compensates atmosfair for business-related flights and trips made by its employees using rental vehicles. For more detailed information, please visit atmosfair’s website.

Your commitment is worthwhile in every respect

You will be campaigning actively for worldwide climate protection.
You will facilitate access to clean, consistently available energy for many people all over the world.
You will receive a certificate from atmosfair that attests to your dedication to protecting the climate.
Your commitment to protecting the climate also preserves the biodiversity of the seas and coastal regions that form the mainstay of your AIDA dream holiday.
You can set off your contribution to atmosfair against tax liability. atmosfair will automatically send you a donation receipt.

Our partner atmosfair

atmosfair is a multi-award-winning climate protection organization with a particular focus on travelling. Its efforts are centered around offsetting greenhouse gases through renewable energy. atmosfair is regularly awarded the highest ratings for quality, efficacy and transparency.

Subscribe to a climate package now

Subscribe to a climate package now

Offset your CO2 emissions and support climate protection projects. Select your climate package in the MyAIDA journey planner.