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Guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction

Comprehensive and competent service

Guest satisfaction

Here at AIDA, guest satisfaction is paramount. Every effort every day is made to ensure our guests feel at ease and competently cared for both on board and ashore at all times. Customer management is responsible for the dialogue with our guests before and after the journey. Customer management is our most important and most effective method of implementing the requests of our guests and encompasses the areas of Customer Dialogue & Loyalty, Customer Relations, Quality Management and Market Research. We conduct a dialogue with our guests on various topics, for example travel information, and our loyalty program AIDA Club. In addition, customer management compiles all the information required for quality assurance. Customer Experience Management covers the areas of Customer Relation Management (CRM), Customer Intelligence and Management in all matters relating to the satisfaction of our guests.

Furthermore, customer management represents the interests of our guests in the company and actively incorporates proposals and requests in the development of new products.

The satisfaction of our guests is recorded using a detailed guest questionnaire amongst other methods. Proposals and requests are gladly accepted, while we also appreciate the value of criticism from our guests. In 2016 the evaluation method of guest satisfaction was improved to ensure that our products and processes became more customer orientated. The new scale extends from zero (completely unsatisfied) to ten (very satisfied). Last year customer satisfaction was 8.28 - our guests were more than just satisfied.

Should a guest not be completely satisfied with our service performance or wish to provide us with useful guidelines, then a contact person deals with the issue directly whether it is on board or ashore. The contact ashore is possible using all normal channels of communication, e.g. telephone, email or the social networks. 

We not only aspire to provide all our guests at all times with the best service but also to put ourselves to the test: experts from the hotel and catering trade regularly travel incognito on board and as such experience an authentic normal day onboard an AIDA ship. The testers make their assessments on every component part of the journey based on clearly defined quality and service standards.

AIDA was once again awarded the German Fairness Prize in 2016. The German Institute for Service Quality conducted a comprehensive consumer survey in cooperation with the n-tv news channel and collected around 45,000 opinions from customers on more than 400 companies. AIDA was ranked first and as such was evaluated as the best company in the cruise line industry.

Besides the many positive statements from our guests, we were also delighted to be awarded the title of ‘Service Champion’. In 2016 AIDA Cruises ranked fifth from 2,615 companies analyzed in Germany’s most extensive service ranking and was therefore able improve its position even further. As a consequence, AIDA was awarded the Golden Seal for service quality. In comparison with eight other cruise shipping lines, AIDA achieved the highest value for customer service provided and therefore occupied first place in the cruise ship industry.

In addition, AIDA was the industry winner last year achieving gold status as a family-friendly company. The German Institute for Service Quality conducted a survey of over 400 companies from 61 industries in partnership with the newspaper Welt am Sonntag and the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main.

We are pleased with these awards - but we are not yet satisfied. They serve as an incentive for us to continue to improve our service.

In 2016 AIDAprima received the coveted cruise guide award ‘Best Ship of the Year 2017’ in the ‘sport and wellness’ and ‘family friendly’ categories.

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