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Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders

Communicating with each other - profiting from each other

Transparency is recognized as top priority for responsible management leadership. As a consequence, we cultivate an open, respectful interaction with our business partners, our guests and with diverse interest groups.

We have set up various contact options to provide a quick and easy channel through which to reach us.

We too profit directly from these dialogues as a company too: They facilitate a lively exchange concerning topics relevant not only to us but also to our employees, guests and partners. This expands perspectives and generates opportunities for new developments and solutions. We believe it is paramount that all communication is carried out in a transparent and fair manner. Ultimately, everyone involved needs to be prepared to learn from each other and share their knowledge. Only this approach brings benefits to all involved.

Every employee at AIDA has the opportunity to put questions and raise any concerns. This vital interaction is ensured by means of personal discussions, town hall meetings involving all employees, exchanging emails, the intranet or other internal networks and our round table discussions on sustainability.

An example of external dialogue is our involvement in research projects aiming to develop new technologies in cruise shipping. Together with our partners, we examine how we can further expand on our sustainable approaches in our destination areas. We also hold regular discussions with representatives from the German, European and international political scenes to ensure we contribute to the formation of framework conditions for sustainable cruise shipping.

AIDA Cruises also regularly publishes newsletters to its internal and external stakeholders, which contain information about the environment, product diversity and AIDA News. AIDA accepts the challenges of environmental protection and is ready to face up to its critics. We are always open to constructive dialogue, in which we concentrate on developing common solutions.

In 2016 three ship inspections were arranged on the AIDAprima in Hamburg. Representatives from the politics, government departments as well as business partners and NGOs were able personally to examine the environmental technology such as the LNG supply or the tunnel washer the AIDAprima. In addition, they were able to obtain an overview of all our services onboard.

Our most important stakeholders

GRI Index

GRI Index

Our sustainability report is based on the regulations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

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