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Sustainable economizing

Sustainable economizing

Responsible growth ensures our success

Responsible growth ensures our sustainable success. We are committed to the environment and society and contribute to the addition of value in our economic world. We also continued to grow last year, engaged new employees and placed new orders for the expansion of the AIDA fleet.

AIDA Cruises - The company

AIDA Cruises - corporate

AIDA Cruises is one of the fastest-growing and economically successful tourism enterprises in Germany and in 2016 employed 8,350 staff from 40 nations, 7,180 of which worked on board the ships, and the other 1,165 at the company locations in Rostock and Hamburg. In 2017 AIDA Cruises operated one of the most modern fleets of the world consisting of 12 cruise ships and now offers journeys in the Mediterranean, around the Canary Islands, North and Baltic seas, Caribbean, North America, Dubai and Asia. The ships apply the highest international quality, environmental and safety standards in their operations. In summer 2017, AIDA welcomed a new member to the fleet: AIDAperla. Two additional ships are due to expand our fleet in the coming years, which means the AIDA fleet will number 14 ships by 2021. AIDA Cruises constantly recognizes the importance of ensuring our growth is sustainable and responsible. AIDA Cruises has put in an order worth in excess of a billion euros for two new ships to be built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, the first of which will strengthen the AIDA fleet in autumn 2018 (AIDAnova). These next-generation ships will be the first anywhere in the world capable of running on 100 percent liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is currently the cleanest fossil fuel available in the shipping industry. AIDA Cruises will thereby once again assume a pioneering role in environmental conservation.

Felix Eichhorn (President) and Dr Ali Arnaout (Senior Vice President and CFO) occupy the top positions at AIDA Cruises. The management is remunerated according to each member’s responsibilities and performance.

AIDA Cruises is one of ten successful cruise brands of Carnival Corporation & plc., the world's largest cruise company and is part of the continental European Costa Crociere S.p.A. (Costa Group - Europe's leading cruise operator). As a subsidiary of a publicly listed company, AIDA Cruises does not provide its own data on the company's utilization, operating results or special developments.

The process of quarterly review of business activity is uniformly defined throughout the Group. All business results and trends are reported to the management of AIDA Cruises and Carnival Corporation & plc. More information is available at

The economic success of AIDA Cruises is based on trustworthy business relations and compliance with strict ethical standards. The company is committed to the standards contained in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

AIDA Cruises - corporate

The binding principles recorded are our special quality promise to our guests, a company culture characterized by the respect and esteem, fairness in dealing with partners, suppliers and competitors as well as a large degree of correctness and integrity in business affairs. We draw the attention of our employees to the anti-corruption guidelines of the Carnival Group in training courses in order to prevent corruption. The guideline states that all business relations with port authorities, suppliers and third parties are to be conducted under the mantle of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of the USA. No material infringements of legal regulations were recorded in the 2016 reporting season.

Our employees and numerous partners play an important role in the economic success of AIDA Cruises: sales of our cruises are supported by 11,631 partners in the tourist industry. Around 342 suppliers work for the hotel, wellness and excursion areas, 193 suppliers for the food and beverage area, 1,300 suppliers and service providers work in the area of engineering, new construction and shipyards. In addition, we work with 391 port and excursion agencies in 224 ports and 76 countries.

Sustainable facilities


In 2016 approximately 7,180 of 8,250 AIDA employees worked on board our ships. 1,070 employees were employed at our company headquarters in Rostock and a further 100 in Hamburg.

The two Hanse cities have a long maritime tradition characterized by an open cosmopolitan and international flair. We are continuing this tradition and strengthening the added value for the whole region through our economic success.

The growth of our fleet creates additional jobs. AIDA Home, the new modern, bright office complex in Rostock, offers space for up to 400 employees and is located in the harbor of the historic city. AIDA Cruises has set a benchmark for sustainable construction with this new building. The new office complex was constructed in accordance with the latest environmental standards and certified with the gold quality seal from the German Society for Sustainable Construction (DGNB). The new office building is one of the most sustainable buildings in Germany.

We offer our employees an attractive working and living environment from which the whole region profits: we not only create jobs but also revive the social, cultural and economic life in the area.

We are additionally represented in Hamburg by the AIDA Entertainment department which employs around 100 staff. The entire entertainment program for the AIDA fleet originates here.

The Carnival Maritime GmbH in Hamburg functions as the marine service unit at the highest international level for the entire fleet. The unit combines expertise and optimum practices in shipping, technology and HESS (HESS = Health, Environment, Safety, Security) to meet the highest international safety standards in the cruise industry for the Costa Group fleet and for the 27 cruise ships currently operated by Costa Crociere, Costa Asia and AIDA Cruises. As a company of the Costa Group, Carnival Maritime combines nautical expertise and the continuous improvement of the communication process between ship and land. The integrated Fleet Operations Center (FOC), which is available around the clock for the cruise ships, plays a central role. Since September 2016, the FOC has been also serving 11 ships from P & O Cruises and Cunard Line, which, like the Costa Group, are part of the Carnival Group.