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Preserving Biodiversity

Preserving Biodiversity

We are committed to animal welfare and species conservation all over the world
and show our guests how each of them can help to preserve fauna and flora.

Protecting the diversity of species and ecosystems is one of our primary objectives.

We do not offer opportunities to swim with dolphins or ride elephants, for example, as in most establishments the animals are not kept in suitable conditions.

We promote sustainable tourism, continually expand our range of excursions and, for the last several years, have consequently been offering our guests excursions on which they can observe whales, dolphins and other species in their natural habitats. In offering these trips, we work together with selected providers who ensure that the animals are not disturbed by the tourists. Trained rangers inform our guests about species conservation during land excursions into natural environments.

AIDA Cruises is also committed to protecting endangered species on land, and supported Orang-Utans in Not e.V. in 2017, which campaigns to protect orangutans living in the wild in Borneo and Sumatra.

Our parent company, the Carnival Corporation & plc supports further projects and events that aim to preserve and promote the biodiversity of the world’s oceans. One such project is “Mapping Ocean Wealth (MOW)”, which was launched in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

Ballast water treatment

Ballast water serves to stabilize a ship. This water also plays host to various organisms, however, including plankton and other micro-organisms, which are released at a different location when the ballast water is drained and can threaten local species. It is seldom necessary for us to use seawater as ballast water because “permeate”, in other words purified wastewater, and fresh water can also be used on board the AIDA fleet. Should we at some point need to use sea water, our ballast water management system ensures that foreign organisms are not introduced into new ecosystems where they might threaten the local species. We therefore comply with the standards set out in the IMO Ballast Water Convention. In addition, all ships that have come into service since 2013 are equipped with a modern system that can treat ballast water taken from the sea without using any chemicals.

Underwater coating

Various different kinds of organisms settle on a ship’s hull. All AIDA ships are painted with an underwater coating which minimizes the growth of organisms on the underside of the ship. Furthermore, the hulls of our ships are cleaned on a regular basis. This not only reduces friction and fuel consumption, but also prevents foreign organisms from being deposited in other parts of the ocean.