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AIDA as an employer

AIDA as an Employer

Both on land and on board our fleet, AIDA Cruises offers attractive job opportunities for qualified and motivated staff members and managers.

There are also numerous opportunities at AIDA for people starting out or changing a career, as well as for young people seeking to enter the job market.

In addition to the individual job profiles, working in an international team, excellent career prospects and the opportunity to travel the world while you work are all vital components of our attractiveness as an employer. We offer an exceptionally broad range of roles, ranging from navigation and marine engineering to hotel work, gastronomy, entertainment and guest hospitality on board the AIDA ships, as well as IT, personnel management, sales, marketing and finance at our onshore facilities.

In 2017, we employed around 9,600 members of staff from more than 40 countries, 8,350 of which work on board our twelve ships and 1,250 of which were based at our onshore offices in Rostock and Hamburg. The majority of the crew hails from Germany and the European Union (36.6 percent) and the Philippines (37.2 percent), followed by India (11.8 percent) and Indonesia (8.8 percent). All of our employees work towards achieving a common goal: preparing our guests on board the AIDA fleet for the most enjoyable part of the year - their holiday.

AIDA as an employer

The prospects we offer

We offer both our trained staff and new recruits attractive working conditions as well as exciting professional challenges and careers. As a result, in 2017 we welcomed a total of 515 new employees on land and 3,122 on board our fleet.

Our onboard staff undergo a comprehensive training program. This is how we are able to offer even novices excellent jobs and varied career opportunities. AIDA provides each and every one of them with specific expertise and allows them to gain extensive experience. One of the vital requirements for a career at AIDA is the ability to combine both of these elements responsibly, in addition to having a passion for the job.

Career at AIDA: Career news

AIDA as an employer
AIDA Careers

Even during the recruitment process, AIDA Cruises attaches great importance to practical relevance. At our exclusive AIDA career days, interested applicants can thus get a good idea of the world of work on board the AIDA fleet and discover it firsthand. These events provide the opportunity to prove one’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills in cooking, operating a restaurant or running a bar.

As an employer, we of course also have a social network presence in the form of Facebook, XING and LinkedIN. In 2017, the number of fans of our Facebook careers page ‘AIDA Jobs’ rose to around 20,000. This is where we post, in addition to our vacant positions on land and at sea, daily news about life and work at AIDA.

We think our employees are best qualified to tell you why they enjoy working at AIDA so much and why they would recommend our company as an employer.

Career at AIDA: Job offers

How we train our employees

AIDA places great value on employing well-trained and highly-qualified members of staff. Our company is active worldwide, which is why we are committed to developing our employees all over the world: we currently work in collaboration with selected training centers in the Philippines, in India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

In 2017 alone, a total of 2,600 of our employees took part in 196 training courses (both for recruits and established staff members), language courses and management training, some of which lasted several weeks. Furthermore, at our center for basic and advanced training, the AIDA Academy in Rostock, we combine study, training and education programs under one roof.

Since 2005, AIDA has been supporting the work of SOS Children’s Villages in the Philippines and elsewhere, the former being the home of many AIDA employees. In order to offer former residents of SOS Children’s Villages career prospects, in 2017 we organized our first ever recruitment day in Manilla in collaboration with the Magsaysay Maritime Corporation. The first of those applicants began their career on board our AIDA fleet at the beginning of 2018.

What we do for our employees

We offer our employees an attractive working environment in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, as well as a sound work-life balance. Both on land and at sea, our employees can take advantage of the diverse leisure options and numerous discounts that AIDA provides.

A healthy work-life balance is vital in promoting and maintaining high levels of motivation and good health among our employees. We therefore provide our employees with targeted support in the form of wide-ranging offers that aim to balance an employee’s job with their family and leisure time. Our employees can make use of a large number of offerings both on land and at sea in order to find a balance to their everyday working life.

We have also put together the AIDA4me package with offerings ranging from voyages to employee rates, on board discounts and preferential rates for sport, wellness, health and leisure activities, which also apply in companies linked to AIDA. Among the other benefits of the AIDA4me package are an occupational employer-funded pension scheme and employee bonuses.

Benefits for employees

For the last ten years we have been organizing AIDA crew days as well as other events for employees on board.

Crew members on board are presented with awards in recognition of exceptional performance within the scope of our ‘Employee of the Month’ program. This recognition is connected with a financial reward.


Every member of the crew, just like our guests, has the opportunity to go on shore excursions in their leisure time, to discover the most beautiful holiday destinations all over the world or to frequent the guest areas, which includes free access to the onboard entertainment and fitness program. There is a dedicated restaurant for the crew, a crew bar, a crew sun deck, a crew sauna and a crew sports area. Our crews can enjoy free breakfast, lunch and evening meals round the clock in the crew restaurants. The selection of dishes is always freshly prepared, extremely varied and takes into account the different religious and cultural habits of the different nations represented on board.

What’s more, our ships sail exclusively under a European flag. One of the world’s leading classification societies - DNV GL - regularly checks and certifies that we abide by the highest international maritime labor and social standards.

Benefits for our employees