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Cruises are one of the most varied and modern types of holiday. Since our founding, we have worked continuously to ensure our cruises are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Even though we can already look back on many achievements, we will keep our foot on the accelerator and continue to expand our involvement.

Acting responsibly and sustainably: that is our guiding principle when it comes to giving our guests unforgettable holiday experiences, protecting the environment and promoting regional cooperation with our partners. We are delighted that our work was recognized once again in a range of ways in 2018.

Guest experience and product (a selection)

German Fairness Prize 2018: The German Institute for Service Quality conducted a wide-ranging consumer survey of roughly 50,000 customers from more than 500 companies in collaboration with the n-tv news channel. With 76 points, AIDA was again ranked first and as such was rated by customers as the best of all the companies in the Cruise Operator category (ocean cruises). In the same survey, AIDA was also ranked first in terms of dependability.

Kreuzfahrt Guide Award

Cruise Guide Award: In 2018, AIDA Cruises was the recipient of two Cruise Guide Awards. AIDAperla was awarded first place in the Family Friendliness category. AIDA Cruises received the Special Prize for Innovation for the world’s first LNG cruise ship, AIDAnova. The jury’s justification for awarding the Family Friendliness prize was as follows: “AIDA not only offers affordable flight fares for families and children that make a family’s budget stretch further, but also caters for large families with the design of its cabins.”

Fairplay Award: The Cruise Initiative (KI), a group of travel agencies and cruise organizers, handed out its Fairplay Awards for the fourth time. AIDA received the Innovation Award for its commitment to a fair approach to sales.

Service Champion: We were once again awarded the title of Service Champions in 2018. In Germany’s largest service ranking of 2018 with a total of more than 1.5 million customer reviews, AIDA Cruises was ranked third out of more than 3,000 companies analyzed with 77.4% and was therefore able to raise its profile even further. As a consequence, AIDA was awarded the Golden Seal for service quality. We received the highest rating among all the cruise lines and thus occupied first place.

Customer favorite in the GERMANY TEST: For the Customer Favorite study carried out on behalf of FOCUS Money, social media posts from more than 3,000 brands in 146 categories (i.e. industries) were analyzed in late 2018 and early 2019. AIDA emerged as the winner of the Loyalty Test in the cruise sector.

Live Entertainment Award: The naming ceremony of AIDAnova on August 31, 2018 at the MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, which was attended by around 25,000 people, received the Live Entertainment Award (LEA) for the best “Cooperation of the Year”. In awarding this prize, the jury honored an exceptional event, which was held jointly with Hannover Concerts, Four Artists and the MEYER WERFT Papenburg.

Customer Champion in Austria: In the fall of last year, the ÖGVS (Austrian Society for Consumer Studies) looked into the customer satisfaction ratings of the 300 most popular companies from a wide range of industries in an independent study. AIDA Cruises was the top-ranking cruise line.

Gold Ranking as a family-friendly company: The German Institute for Service Quality conducted a survey of over 400 companies from 61 industries in partnership with the newspaper WELT AM SONNTAG and the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. In 2018, AIDA came first in the cruise providers’ category with 83.4 per cent.

An employer with distiction


Germany’s Best Trainers: The business magazine Capital recognized the best training organizations in Germany in collaboration with the talent platform and Territory Embrace. AIDA Cruises won plaudits in the fields of dual study programs and training. This puts AIDA in the top 700 best training organizations in Germany.

Top Employer 2018: AIDA came second in the Tourism and Transport & Logistics category in the annual rankings released by the market research and consultancy firm Trendence in the fields of Graduates and Young Professionals.

TOP Training Company: In 2018 the AIDA Customer Center was once again recognized as a Top Training Company by the Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK zu Rostock).

For more information visit the AIDA career plattform.




Recognition of our commitment to the environment (a selection)

Cruise Guide Awards 2018: AIDA Cruises received the special prize for AIDAnova, the first cruise ship capable of running on liquefied natural gas (LNG). In its justification, the expert jury explained that “AIDAnova is aptly named. Ordered as the first LNG ship in the world, the supply situation in ports was anything but clear, and the technology on board was also a considerable challenge. It was therefore a courageous step to take. In doing so, AIDA truly set a benchmark on the path to eco-friendly shipping.”

Most sustainable cruise line in the GERMANY TEST: In early 2019, almost 500,000 consumer reviews were analyzed for this study carried out on behalf of FOCUS Money. AIDA was recognized as having the most dedicated approach to sustainability out of all the cruise providers.

Ship of the year award: HANSA, the international professional journal of the maritime industry, honored the MEYER WERFT in 2018 with its traditional award for the construction of the first LNG cruise ship, AIDAnova.

Green-Controlling-Prize 2018: At the 32nd Stuttgart Controlling and Management Forum, the Péter-Horváth-Stiftung awarded the Green Controlling Prize 2018 in cooperation with International Controlling Association (ICV). AIDA Cruises was recognized for the exemplary managerial implementation of its Green Cruising project.

Innovation Prize of the German Gas Industry: AIDA Cruises was awarded the Innovation Prize in the Mobility and Transport category by the German Gas Industry for the construction of the world’s first LNG cruise ship, AIDAnova, as part of its Green Cruising strategy.

DGNB’s gold seal: The AIDA Home office complex in the city port of Rostock was recognized by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and is therefore one of the most sustainable buildings in Germany. It was built in accordance with the latest environmental standards between 2012 and 2014. A core emphasis of the design was the sparing use of natural construction materials. AIDA also focusses on using renewable primary energy sources and minimizing its drinking water consumption. This applies not only to AIDA Home, but to all of our office buildings in Rostock and Hamburg that are supplied exclusively with electricity from 100 percent renewable energy sources.

AIDA was awarded the Innovation Prize of the German Gas Industry
AIDA was awarded the Innovation Prize of the German Gas Industry