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AIDA in Dialog

AIDA in Dialog

The intensive exchange of knowledge, ideas and different perspectives is indispensable. This is the only way we can develop ourselves and always arrive at the best possible decisions.

In dialogue with all stakeholders

AIDA "EXPIsessions" roadshow in southern Germany, October 2018

An open culture of dialog has always been a defining element of AIDA’s corporate philosophy. We therefore value and seek out dialog with various interest groups and a lively exchange on topics that affect not just us, but also our employees, guests and partners. We believe it is paramount that all communication is carried out transparently and fairly.

We accept the challenges that go hand in hand with preserving the environment and also facing our critics in this regard. We are always open to constructive dialog, in which we concentrate on developing common solutions.

What’s more, in 2018 we expanded our dialog on issues particularly concerning environmental protection. In the past year, many politicians, environmental organizations and scientists have taken the opportunity to get an idea on board our ships of the latest progress of our measures aimed at reducing emissions through the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and shore power, as well as many other initiatives that are intended to reduce energy consumption and conserve resources.

  1. On June 13, 2018, representatives of the CEO climate protection Foundation 2°, of which AIDA Cruises has been a member since 2015, met Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. The aim of the meeting was to give the federal government the required impetus for it to realize its ambitious climate protection goals.
  2. On October 30, 2018, guests from the University of Rostock attended the 23rd Service Providers Evening. As part of this event cycle, students enrolled in the Service Provision Management Master’s course were given insights through presentations into the structure and important processes of regional service providers. High-ranking business representatives regularly give talks at these events on current topics. Senior Vice President and CFO Dr Ali Arnaout spoke on the topic of “A commitment to sustainability and commercial success - how do they fit together?”
  3. Experts from the tourism industry met in the Technik Salon of Leipzig the University of Leipzig to discuss how measures to protect the environment can be developed further on board ships. At this meeting, AIDA Cruises presented its “CLEAN” research project “CLEAN”, in which organic waste generated on board (e.g. food waste or sewage sludge) can be converted into energy in biogas plants. Urea produced on board could likewise be used in the future in the form of “Ad Blue” to help in cleaning exhaust gases. 
  4. On September 15, 2018, AIDA supported a symposium held in the Warnemünde Technology CentreCenter, close by to the concurrent Rostock Cruise Festival, on the topic of “New Environmental Technologies to Reduce Pollutants in the Shipping Industry”. The symposium, which was initiated by the Rostock-based port development company “Rostock Port”, shone light on the forward-looking issue of the reduction of noise and pollutant emissions in the maritime industry. Experts demonstrated the available technological options from the perspective of shipping companies, shipyards and the science and technology industries.
  5. On October 19, 2018, 30 representatives from the Spanish media, regional authorities, scientists and industry representatives, such as CLIA Spain, gathered in Barcelona on board AIDAprima to find out more about AIDA Cruise’s commitment to protecting the environment. The focus of the Spanish representatives was fixed on the use of low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG), of shore power and innovative efficiency measures on board cruise ships.
  6. On November 22, 2018, AIDA Cruises presented its pioneering course on the use of LNG to interested colleagues and experts from the hospitality industry as part of the “Future Workshop: Natural Gas - the Marketplace of Innovations” organized by Zukunft ERDGAS e.V. On this day, AIDA received the “Innovation Prize of the German Gas Industry” for AIDAnova and the innovative “Green Cruising” concept.
  7. Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. is a collaborative network of tourism companies in the Hanseatic city. As part of the “Sustainability” working group Nachhaltigkeit (“Sustainability)”, AIDA Cruises and representatives from regional authorities, suppliers, unions and shipping companies are engaged in an intensive exchange concerning processes of development for promoting sustainability in the cruise line hub of Hamburg.

Our Stakeholders

Talking to each other -
learning from each other

We use a wide range of communication channels to ensure an easy and direct exchange of information with our business partners, guests and other stakeholders. Our presence on social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest as well as the AIDA Lounge offers our guests interactive opportunities to exchange views both with and about AIDA. In this way we receive open feedback on a daily basis, give answers to current questions and can contact our guests and other interested individuals just as easily and simply.

Our stakeholders
AIDA social media


In 2018, 1.2 million Facebook fans engaged with and discussed our topics.

Besides the latest daily news, video clips and information about our company, through Facebook we offer a modern platform for dialog and simple interaction. Furthermore, the impressions and reports shared by our guests with other users provide a personal insight into the AIDA world. Another important component in online dialog is our new AIDA Lounge, which replaced the AIDA Weblounge at the beginning of 2019. The new and technologically and conceptually improved AIDA Lounge makes it even easier to exchange personal travel experiences, stories and images within the AIDA Community. So far, more than 68,000 users have already signed up to the AIDA Lounge.



AIDA Cruises regularly publishes newsletters for its internal and external stakeholders on various topics such as product diversity, innovations and the environment. A further example of external dialog is our involvement in research projects aiming to develop new technologies in the cruise industry. Together with our partners, we examine how we can further expand on our sustainable approaches in our destination areas.

AIDA Cruises holds the opinions of its employees in the highest regard. Exchanging views, posing questions at any time and expressing concerns are all part of our corporate culture. This can be done, for example, in one-on-one discussions, in regular Town Hall Meetings (information events for staff members on a wide range of issues), through the intranet and other internal networks, such as after work parties organized by employees or sports events. Our invitations to discuss various issues relating to sustainability are likewise met with considerable interest.

On average, our sustainability report at is read by roughly 6,700 interested individuals each month. That is eleven percent more than in the previous year.



Sales partners and travel agency award

Award ceremony of the AIDA SMILING STAR Travel Agency Award in 2018
Award ceremony of the AIDA SMILING STAR Travel Agency Award in 2018

The issue of protecting the environment is an important factor for many people even when booking a holiday. At AIDA Cruises, we inform our travel agency partners in a transparent manner about our commitment. Alongside online teaching formats such as webinars and E-learning sessions on sustainability, we also answer the queries of our partners and internal and external sales teams at travel agency events, trade fairs or in personal discussions so that they can provide their customers with comprehensive advice. In fall 2018 we launched our Season Check, a webinar for travel agencies focusing on sustainability. Within four months, more than 1,200 travel agents had already passed this test. More than 2,600 travel agency employees have downloaded the detailed information on matters relating to sustainability.

In 2018, AIDA Cruises once again conferred the AIDA SMILING STAR travel agency award. This recognizes the best sales teams in the travel agency sector in five different categories. In addition to turnover and booking numbers in the current financial year, creative marketing approaches, enduring commitment and team spirit also play an important role.

AIDA Cruises also conferred the “Tour Operator Service Award” for the first time. Our guests filled out a survey in which they identified which excursions they had enjoyed most in the 2018 summer season. Thousands of them gave ratings to packages of 50 partner agencies. Atlas Travel from Croatia was awarded first place, followed by Iceland Travel (Akureyri, Ísafjörður, Seyðisfjörður, Reykjavík) and Estonian Holidays from Tallinn, Estonia.