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Risk management

Risk management

Risk management is anchored firmly in our corporate culture.

Effective strategies allow us to identify potential risks and their consequences. This gives us the opportunity proactively to minimize risks while implementing our corporate strategy.

Our risk prevention and management policy is based on a model developed by the Carnival Corporation & plc and takes into account the international standards of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). They are incorporated in every part of the company, and comprise such segments as organizational structure, review processes, standards and codes of conduct.

Every level of our organization is assessed for potential risks and these are openly discussed with the management. This also guarantees compliance with our demanding health, environment, safety and sustainability standards (HESS).

To this end, the Risk Advisory & Assurance Services Department (RAAS) works closely with the management in the conduct of regular audits, identification of potential risks and checking control mechanisms. This means we can check for and ensure compliance with our corporate guidelines and processes as well as laws and regulations, on a regular basis. The management examines these assessments and updates them together with the Audit Committee. The aim of this is to minimize as much as possible the impacts of both foreseeable and unexpected events.