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AIDA Values – our values

AIDA Values – our values




The AIDA Values are the cornerstone of our corporate culture. They include mutual trust and respect, passionate commitment and recognizing the diversity of our employees.



Our values are more than just theoretical principles. Far from it - they are common practice in our company and connect us in our day-to-day work on land and at sea. Every individual strives consistently to give new life to our AIDA Values.
The AIDA Values are moreover a permanent fixture of our recruiting processes, annual performance assessments for all employees, beginner programs and all of our management training courses.

AIDA Values

AIDA Values put into practice

Our values are a permanent fixture in our day-to-day business and all our corporate processes. The following measures aimed at actively implementing these values are either regularly put into practice or will be in the near future.

Management workshops
When it comes to sharing our values, our managers act as role models. That’s why they are a permanent element of special management workshops concentrating on value-oriented conduct and leadership in everyday workplace and stressful situations.

Training Managers on board the fleet
The Training Managers on board the AIDA fleet continuously expand the opportunities for our employees to undertake advanced training. The portfolio includes programs for managers (Lead my Team), for example, soft skills seminars (e.g. Perfect Service) and language courses in German and English.

The AIDA intranet
All of our employees on land and on board our ships have round-the-clock access, even via private mobile devices, to important news from the various parts of the company and from on board our ships. They can share their own content and news with all of their colleagues and the other departments and are also able to access their personalized content or even our online training program, AIDA Expert, from anywhere in the world with their personal login details.

Equality program
As part of our Equality Program, we develop workshops and training courses focusing on topics such as inter-cultural cooperation, diversity and respectful interaction with each other, which are put into practice by our onboard personnel teams.

Business training courses
Our internal Learning Management System (LMS), called Expert, gives all of our employees’ free access to an extensive catalogue of basic and advanced training options. The training courses assist all of our employees with their development. All of these training courses were developed especially for the AIDA world of work and the needs of our colleagues in line with its leitmotif of ‘Gather new input, interact with colleagues and incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily work’. The learning formats vary between online packages, training courses in groups and are also available as literature for independent study.

Seniority Award and Employee of the Month Award
Seniority Awards are our way of showing our respect and appreciation for the performance of long-serving employees on board and of thanking them for their loyalty and dedication. We reward our employees’ outstanding achievements with a monthly ‘Employee of the Month Award’.  


Our employees experience unique moments every day with both guests and colleagues. There are many situations that light up their faces with a smile. With our I LOVE TO SEE YOU SMILE initiative, they can share these beautiful experiences and guests’ motivating praise with one another.


The satisfaction of our guests is not only an indicator for the success of our efforts to offer them a special cruise experience day after day. It is also an expression of appreciation of the work put in by every single employee. This is why we invite our guests to share their SMILING MOMENTS with us by nominating a member of staff. The employee who receives the most nominations is given a SMILING STAR award at the end of the voyage in the presence of all the guests. The aim is to share with our guests the appreciation we have for the work of our crews and to strengthen their leadership qualities.

Smiling Star Award

Smiling Star

We also recognize the dedication of our land-based employees. Here it is the employees themselves who award the Special Smiling Star Award to their colleagues.

The Smiling Star Travel Agency Award is conferred upon our sales partners, and is divided into five different categories ranging from marketing to innovation to newcomer of the year. Day in day out, they fulfil the desires of our mutual customers when it comes to finding the ideal tailored holiday package.


I ❤ 2 C U :) CREW MADE

I ❤ 2 C U :) CREW MADE

Every individual gathers experiences with guests and colleagues day after day. We place great importance on the ideas of all our crew members. With the I LOVE TO SEE YOU SMILE CREW MADE, we want to help our colleagues put this into practice. Under the motto of “Von der Crew für die Crew” (‘For the crew, by the crew’), we focus on the issues that shape life on board and let everybody in the company be part of them - this can be through collecting the best stories from the Smiling Stars, for example, (new stories uploaded to the intranet monthly) or the I LOVE TO SEE YOU SMILE newsletters for the crew.

The crew of AIDAnova expressed their excitement at the launch of the ship in an emotional crew song called ‘off we go’. More than 200 colleagues on board contributed to it.

AIDAnova Crew Song

Employee survey

We go about our daily tasks together with a focused and dedicated attitude.


In order better to satisfy the desires and needs of our employees and to develop further our company as an attractive employer, between 15th and 29th October 2018 all of our employees on land and at sea were once again asked to take part in a comprehensive staff survey. Under the motto of ‘Your voice counts’, around 5,500 employees took up the opportunity to give their personal feedback. Many of them went beyond simply answering the questions and also wrote comments or gave suggestions.

Just as in the previous year, both our land-based and onboard employees saw the friendly and fair atmosphere and the team culture in a national and international environment as real benefits of working at AIDA.

Our employees also rate very positively the opportunity to contribute tangibly to the success of the company through their own work. They understand that everybody has their part to play and that their work is appreciated. The interdisciplinary support and willingness to cooperate and help each other were also rated very positively. The detailed evaluation and pooling of the results were completed in early 2019. Initial suggestions and aspirations have already been drawn from the results and put into practice.