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Your benefits at a glance

MyAIDA is your personal travel assistant before, during and after your AIDA cruise. Here, you will find all advantages at a glance!


Personalized Travel Planning
Book online and get a online discount on excursions & spa treatments, make dinner reservations and book Specials & Greetings

Excursion Brochures & Documents
View and download excursion programs before your trip

Information on arrival and departure
e.g. flight times, luggage borders or parking service
Travel Weather & Port Information
Current information on any port
  Increase anticipation
Download your very personal Holiday Countdown
Ship's manifest & MyAIDA Email
Indicate your personal information prior to departure to set your email
 MyAIDA portal on board
Stay in touch with the world via smartphone, tablet or laptop
 MyAIDA after your trip
There are many other functions available after the trip