AIDApur combines maritime pleasures with a virtuoso onboard program

Rostock, 14. Dezember 2016

From May 7 – 20, 2017, aboard AIDAbella guests have a chance to experience what may well be one of the most extraordinary cruises of the year. After the cruise ship with the red lips has spent an entire day and night in Dubai, from May 8 the itinerary will take in eleven days of pure relaxation out on the open sea. The cruise ship will pass through the Suez Canal, heading for Palma de Mallorca where the cruise ends on May 20. Among cognoscenti this is what a sea cruise is all about: those who appreciate a sweeping view of the open water and prefer to unwind will be able to fully enjoy the luxury of being at sea on this AIDApur cruise. Pure cruising, plain and simple!

The onboard program will provide plenty of contrast: under the motto “Best of AIDA” endless variety will be on offer ranging from workshops with the world champion pastry chef, Andrea Schirmaier-Huber, to reading pleasures with best-selling author Ben Bennett, to join in the choir at “AIDA sings.”

Andrea Schirmaier-Huber is a pastry chef par excellence. At her workshops she will be giving guests insights into her art, as well as special coffee afternoons, show baking and much, much more.
Learning from a master is also the motto for the program features with AIDA’s top chef, Franz Schned, a familiar face from the ZDF TV cookery show “Küchenschlacht.” He will spirit interested guests away to the TV world of cooking: culinary art and entertainment of the very highest standard.

Meanwhile at the Theatrium, a veritable master of rock ’n’ roll and the guitar will have audiences going wild: guest star Wayne Morris has already performed with music legends such as Joe Cocker, Status Quo and Udo Jürgens. Every show is different because Wayne Morris can sense what his audience wants like no other, making impromptu adjustments to the program. He conveys his enthusiasm with ease to his listeners and they love his way of interpreting all-time favorites from Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, mixing them with the latest hits from Snow Patrol and Pharrell Williams. Talking about music he says: “There is no better drug than experiencing music together.”

Sharing a musical experience is what “AIDA sings” is all about as well. Anybody who has joined others in song will be familiar with the energy released by a chorus of voices. Both inexperienced and practiced singers form a mighty choir onboard AIDAbella, raising their voices in unison with professional guidance. Pure emotion guaranteed!

As is exactly the case with the performances of best-selling author Ben Bennett, a master of the romantic, when he will be reading from his books.

There will be plenty of other specials in store to round out this unique cruise’s jam-packed program including type and style tips from the professional, Beatrice Barden, or presentations and workshops for more life energy and joie de vivre with top coach Elmar Rassi.

AIDAbella furthermore offers diversity for every taste: entertainment over three decks in the magnificent Theatrium, sport and wellbeing in the excellently equipped floating spa, and culinary delights in seven restaurants.

The AIDA VARIO rate for this cruise starts at 699 euros per person (2 sharing a stateroom). The arrival and departure package can be booked in addition from 525 euros per person.

Anyone who now has an appetite for this undiluted AIDA experience can look forward to a further AIDApur cruise from November 15–28, 2017. This cruise will have the motto of “Stars & Sea” and will be presenting many well-known guest artists on board.

More information and bookings at travel agencies, by calling +49 (0)381/20270707 or at www.aida.de.

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