AIDA says “Thank You” to a million Facebook fans

Rostock, 29. Januar 2016

The cruise company AIDA cruises welcomed its millionth fan to Facebook on January 29, 2016. Germany’s biggest cruise company has thus crossed a magic threshold right on time for its “20 Years of AIDA” anniversary, and it is the leader in Germany in terms of its gigantic fan community.

AIDA Cruises has been on Facebook since 2008 and the number of AIDA fans has been increasing every week since then. The AIDA Facebook page provides information about cruises with AIDA, the latest offers, and lots of interactive competitions, apps, and even live reports on major events. The AIDA online content receives more than 20,000 likes per week.

“We are delighted at breaking this new record. For us it is confirmation that our AIDA Facebook page is giving our guests exactly what they want. We are offering them an interactive platform where they can instantly share their adventures, experiences and emotions,” says Felix Eichhorn, President of AIDA Cruises. “This channel allows us to respond particularly well to our guests’ need for fast information and comprehensive service.”

Facebook and other social media networks have become an important communication channel for AIDA. Apart from Facebook, AIDA is also on Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Furthermore, the company’s own AIDA Weblounge is the biggest German-speaking travel community of any tour operator with over 100,000 members. Across all platforms AIDA reaches a combined total of over 3 million users per week.

This year, numerous activities and campaigns on the various AIDA online platforms are devoted to the “20 Years of AIDA” anniversary. The company launched a new era of cruise travel in Rostock in 1996 with its first ship, today’s AIDAcara. The fleet currently comprises ten ships on which millions of AIDA guests have enjoyed unforgettable and magical vacations.

For further information, please visit www.aida.de, www.facebook.de/aida

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Michael Thamm wird neuer President von Seetours

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23. Mai 2004

AIDA Flotte erfolgreich ISPS zertifiziert

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Hits for Kids - Kinder reisen zu Sommerpreisen

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AIDA und BMW MINI - eine charmante Kommunikation

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