Experience the Oktoberfest on the high seas with AIDA

Many celebrities such as voXXclub, Mickie Krause, Antonia from Tyrol and the HÖHNER complete the AIDA Oktoberfest Special 2018.

This year, guests on board the entire AIDA fleet can again look forward to plenty of festival tent atmosphere very much embracing Bavarian style. From arm wrestling and veal sausage sucking through to yodeling, there will be something for everyone. The AIDA Oktoberfest Special 2018 will offer a varied Oktoberfest schedule with many promotions such as “Oktoberfest fun”, “Alpenglow” or the family day for young and old in traditional dress.

This year’s top acts will provide the perfect musical entertainment for people sitting and dancing on the benches. At the same time as the traditional tapping of the first barrel of festival beer on September 22, 2018, in the Bavarian capital, the top acts will board AIDAprima and AIDAperla. Mickie Krause and voXXclub will be present on board AIDAprima and Antonia from Tyrol and the HÖHNER on board AIDAperla. The live bands will perform their best-known hits to guarantee plenty of party fun and a festival vibe on each of the trips from September 22 to 29, 2018. The band voXXclub, which was formed in the kitchen of a student flat in Munich, will be performing on board this year for the first time. Today the five pop and rock musicians perform a legendary show on stage in sold-out venues.

Guests will also enjoy traditional Bavarian culinary fare. As well as classics such as knuckle of pork, chicken, sausage salad and dumplings, the journey on board AIDAperla from September 22 to 29, 2018, will also feature other typical specialties, originally prepared by the AIDA gourmet patron and world-champion pastry chef Andrea Schirmaier-Huber. At the same time, the AIDA gourmet patron Franz Schned, Chef de Cuisine in Rossini and juror on the TV show “Küchenschlacht,” will be treating the guests on board AIDAprima to tempting menus served at the Rossini gourmet restaurant. In addition, he will be offering the “Bavarian cooking” workshop.

In addition to the obligatory liter jug, on board AIDAprima and AIDAperla there will be AIDA’s Zwickel beer brewed in the ship’s own brewery and the exclusive interpretation of the Oktoberfest beer based on a secret recipe from AIDA’s chief brewer. Hot tip: The brewing seminar including a guided tour, beer tasting with snacks and a brewery certificate.

Guests can sail on board AIDAperla from September 22 to 29, 2018, to/from Hamburg on a seven-day Oktoberfest trip to see the most beautiful major cities in Western Europe. At the same time, Oktoberfest fans can travel on board AIDAprima from/to Palma de Mallorca, also on a seven-day trip to see the top destinations around the Mediterranean.

More information about the AIDA Oktoberfest Special 2018 can be obtained from travel agencies, the AIDA Customer Center by calling +49 (0)381/202 707 07 or at <link https: www.aida.de oktoberfest>www.aida.de/oktoberfest.

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