Actions, Initiatives & Feedback

Rostock, 06. February 2014

Values need to be embodied. That's why we can't just announce the values and leave it at that. In order for us to keep these values firmly instilled, they are going to be integrated into existing HR tools and regularly measured.
Cross-functional projects will be initiated and we will be taking suggestions from employees in the workshops.
We have the following initiatives planned for implementing the values, or respectively helping us embody these values in our daily activities:

•    New "Wir sind AIDA" (We are AIDA) platform
•    Seniority award
•    Training Manager on board the fleet
•    Crew survey
•    Manager workshops
•    Seniority award
•    Equality program

“Wir sind AIDA“-Plattform
Starting in January 2015, the new Intranet platform “We are AIDA” will regularly keep all employees on land and on board the ships up do date with news on the company, their respective fields and the projects they are involved in. This will strengthen our team spirit and facilitate transparency and collaboration between individuals and departments regardless of their location.

Seniority award
As part of our renewed focus on values and as direct evidence of our appreciation for the value "respect," we would like to create seniority awards to honor experienced employees. AIDA wants to thank these employees for their dedication and commitment to the company. We are planning to implement them yet in 2014.

Training Manager on board the fleet
In addition to our current eLearning programs offered through Expert, we will also be adding a Training Manager on board the ships starting in the spring of 2014, thereby expanding the onboard development opportunities. The Training Manager will primarily offer German and English language training. This person will also provide customer service, sales, and leadership training for crew members.
By adding a Training Manager, we are responding to the strong desire expressed by employees to improve their language skills and expand their expertise. This desire was clearly expressed in the workshops and also in the latest employee survey.

Crew survey
We will be introducing a crew survey in 2014 in order to firmly establish the values and make them specifically measurable. The survey will be available to every disembarking crew member. Questions about how the new AIDA values are being perceived and implemented will be integrated into the survey and we will be able to obtain valuable feedback.

Manager workshops
Role models and the behavior of managers put values into action. We therefore want to hold workshops with managers so they can develop specific ideas and ways for their individual areas to instill these values. Manager workshops will be conducted shoreside and on board.

Equality program
As part of the equality program, training sessions on intercultural collaboration, diversity and respectful teamwork will be developed together and implemented by the Training Manager.

We will provide more details in the coming weeks and months.


AIDA Values Committee

The AIDA Values Committee is created from the Steering Committee that participated in the workshops and developed the final values. The committee is a permanent AIDA institution and will be controlling and monitoring the implementation of the values. It will meet regularly and give a report to the executive team on a quarterly basis.

Want to contact the AIDA Values Committee or provide feedback? Then email us at: values@aida.de. We look forward to your ideas and your feedback.

Mission of the AIDA Values Committee
The AIDA Values Committee is a corporate-wide voluntary AIDA institution that is comprised of various AIDA employees from the HQ, Customer Center and the AIDA fleet.  The main purpose of the committee is to provide overall support for changing social and cultural aspects and respectively represent the issues of all employees and crew. The members support the AIDA values engagement program and facilitate the success of the value actions and initiatives. The committee will meet frequently with the executive team to report on the current status.