AIDA on record-breaking course: First 24-hour live review of the year at sea

Rostock, 27. December 2016

No year ends without a review of the preceding twelve months – and in the 20th year of the AIDA success story, the Rostock-based cruise company is organizing a very special Review of the Year: At 9:00 a.m. on December 28, 2016 AIDA will be setting sail with the Rekord-Institut für Deutschland on the “longest live broadcast from a ship at sea”. AIDA Prime Time TV 24h live will be broadcast online at www.aida.de/primetimetv from the glass TV studio onboard AIDAprima.

The 24-hour show will be hosted by Entertainment Manager Stephan Hartmann, supported by his colleagues on board and on shore. The program will include numerous live links with the ships of the AIDA fleet around the planet: for example, audiences will be given a close-up look at the sunrise in Dubai, sunset in the Caribbean, the island of Koh Samui with AIDAbella, and the evening program aboard AIDAcara. In addition, guest artist and comedian Thorsten Bär will be performing live in the living room of an AIDA fan.

Audiences will get a unique opportunity to share a ride on the AIDA Bus with Entertainment Manager Alexandra Kaal, who will be setting off at 3:00 a.m. from Düsseldorf to Rotterdam. Once there, they will visit AIDAprima and experience a breakfast onboard, including a tour of the ship, before heading back home.

Many other guest artists and celebrities such as Peter Nottmeier and Patrick Bach will also be part of the broadcast – as will the AIDA Stars onboard AIDAprima. You can watch AIDA Prime Time TV 24h live in full on www.aida.de/primetimetv or www.youtube.com. Individual program highlights can also be seen live on www.facebook.de/aida.

AIDA vacation memories, or greetings to friends, family or the Prime Time team can be sent to primetimetv@aida.de, so that they can be part of the show.

Rostock, December 27, 2016