AIDAstella with innovative environmental technology

First ship from AIDA Cruises with the very latest equipment for treating ballast water
Rostock, 28. February 2013

With the commissioning of its 10th ship, AIDA Cruises continues to pursue its ongoing commitment to the environment in a consistent way.
AIDAstella is the first ship in the AIDA fleet to be fitted with highly modern equipment for the treatment of ballast water. Treating the so-called ‘ballast water’ prevents microorganisms from spreading beyond their hereditary waters. “This is a further important contribution to protecting sensitive eco-systems”, says Monika Griefahn, Director of Environmental and Social Issues at AIDA Cruises.

Using sea water to stabilize a ship means that plankton and other microorganisms are taken in on a regular basis. This water is stored in the ballast water tanks and discharged back into the sea as required. The new ballast water treatment plant avoids microorganisms being carried into other eco-systems, spreading there and possibly displacing other species.

This is just one example of the commitment shown by AIDA Cruises in the area of protecting the environment and the climate, with the cruise operator also launching other initiatives in 2012.

“We already operate 3-liter ships, making us the pioneer of the cruise industry. This was confirmed in 2012 by experts at Germanischer Lloyd in an independent report. Our fleet has already been prepared for the use of shore power. In summer 2012, we gave the signal, together with Becker Marine Systems, for the development of an LNG Hybrid Barge for the alternative supply of energy to cruise ships while in port. We are not only talking about the use of the most modern environmental technology; we also demonstrate how this can be used successfully in economic terms”, emphasizes Monika Griefahn. Since 1990, the company has reduced its fleet’s fuel consumption by 70%.

AIDA Cruises operates one of the most modern and environmentally friendly fleets in the world. In addition to technological innovations for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, conserving biodiversity is also a major priority for the company. AIDA Cruises has documented its commitment since 2007 in the ‘AIDA cares’ sustainability report, which is published annually. This is based on the Global Reporting Index (GRI). The 2012 sustainability report will be published on March 12, 2013.

For further information and videos featuring AIDAstella, please visit www.aida.de/aidastella. Everything you need to know about AIDA Cruises’ commitment to the environment can be found at www.aida.de/aidacares.

Rostock, February 28, 2013