Countdown for AIDAprima – video blog records final shipyard work

Rostock, 17. February 2016

AIDAprima, the new flagship of the cruise company AIDA Cruises, is just about ready. Inside too, AIDAprima is steadily taking shape: all passenger staterooms are in place, the saunas in the spa area are fully fitted out, and the furnishing of the 18 bars and twelve restaurants is almost complete as well.

Many of the crew have already moved into their staterooms on board, including Entertainment Manager Stephan Hartmann whose “Prime Time” at the Theatrium has a cult status. In his video blog “Stephan’s Prima Time,” he will now be presenting his very personal take on his new great love, AIDAprima, on a weekly basis, showing how the new flagship is being decked out for her premiere.

The video blog can be seen at www.aida.de/aidaprima, on the AIDA Facebook page, and on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.