Experience AIDA pure – an extraordinary voyage to the Orient

Rostock, 24. August 2015

AIDA pure is the perfect cruise for those who can’t get enough of AIDA. On November 8, 2015, AIDAstella will set sail for the sunrise. From Majorca, guests travel nonstop to the summery warm Orient, an exclusive voyage never offered before.

What’s special about this 12- or 16-day cruise is the AIDA feeling of pure and boundless relaxation. An exclusive program full of highlights and with lots of special guests and surprises awaits passengers on board.
The AIDA pure cruise from November 8 to November 20, 2015, departs from Palma de Majorca and crosses the Suez Canal to Dubai. There, AIDAstella will dock overnight so that guests have plenty of time to explore this fascinating metropolis. The voyage can be extended by four days to Abu Dhabi with a stop in Muscat in Oman and two days in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

On board, top chefs and expert bartenders will create culinary fireworks. The AIDA head chefs Franz Schned and Günther Kroack will prepare gourmet delicacies in the Rossini restaurant. The multi-award-winning mixologist Ricardo Albrecht and Oliver von Carnap, head bartender at the legendary P1 in Munich, will be offering a variety of workshops and tastings for spirits, flavorings, cocktails, and craft beers.   
Success trainer Frank Wilde is a bestselling author and the most exceptional mental coach in German-speaking countries. On board AIDAstella, he will show guests how to unleash energy they never knew they had, how to awaken their creativity, how to avoid thinking traps, and how to fulfill their dreams.
Dr. Pedro Gonzales is a DFB fitness trainer and sports scientist. In workshops and individual coaching sessions on performance diagnostics, nutrition, and training, he will show guests how to individually achieve a lighter and more active life.
Astrology and sky constellations already played an important role in the Orient many hundreds of years ago. In presentations, workshops and individual sessions, the renowned astrologist Bianca Kuhn will show guests the way to the stars.
In exciting picture presentations, Orient expert Dorine Ali-Khan will inform guests about art and culture, history, nature and religions. Her magical readings of the Arabian Nights delight adults as well.
“Klanghaus”: Under this term, Alix Decker and Jens Zygar will bring the subject of spiritual wellness on board – with sound massages, star sounds, drum power, gong meditation, or Shakti dance at sunrise.

The 12-day AIDA pure cruise from November 8 to 20, 2015, can be booked now starting from 645 euros per person at the AIDA PREMIUM rate; the 16-day AIDA pure cruise from November 8 to 24, 2015, can be booked starting from 995 euros. The arrival and departure travel package is available starting from 530 euros. More information and reservations at travel agencies, online at www.aida.de, and with the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0)381/202 707 07.