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AIDA Customer Center

Our tasks

As part of the AIDA family, the AIDA customer center is your number one source when it comes to booking and providing expert advice on AIDA and Costa cruises. Approximately 200 employees are currently available via telephone, digitally via e-mail, or interactively via chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And here is what the AIDA customer center provides in detail:


Personal travel consultants

Those who want very personalized and customized care can use the special “Personalized Travel Consultant” service. Approximately 60 employees in the AIDA customer center manage their own customer base and provide trustworthy, professional advice and support to their guests on a long-term basis.


Range of services

However, the range of services of the AIDA customer center includes far more than just travel booking and consulting. For instance, even before the trip, the center takes over the registration of special guest requests and desires on board our ships. These include everything from forwarding a cabin greeting to reporting required assistance in the event of physical limitations or dietary intolerances to medical issues. We make the best preparations for our guests so that they can fully enjoy their vacation.


24-Hour operation service

The AIDA customer center’s comprehensive offering also includes our 24-hour Operation Service. If complications arise during arrival or departure, the specially trained department staff is ready to lend their support to our guests, as well as our crew members and land-based employees. This way, alternative itineraries can be quickly and easily organized to enable every passenger to reach their destination.


Exclusive services

Even after the trip, the customer center offers exclusive services that contribute to maintaining the sense of wellbeing, positive impressions and relaxation enjoyed during the cruise long after it is over. Objects that are lost or forgotten on board find their way back to their owners thanks to the commitment of our dedicated colleagues in the lost and found office. In order to keep the “unforgettable moments” of the trip vividly in the memory of our guests, there is the option of ordering a DVD of your own cruise as well as a DVD of life on board in the AIDA customer center – just to name two examples.


Innovation and future

So that all services can be coordinated efficiently and successfully, the AIDA customer center sets its own strict standards in terms of optimization and the most modern technical standards. In particular, as part of the most successful and fastest-growing tourism companies in Germany, it is important to always be one step ahead in order to continue together on the journey to success.