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AIDA Cruise & Help is financing four further school projects

Rostock, 05. September 2019

With the opening of the first AIDA school in the Philippines in the spring of 2019, the initiative AIDA Cruise & Help launched its first aid project. Now, AIDA and its partner, the Reiner Meutsch FLY & HELP foundation, have selected the next four projects to be funded with over 230,000 euros.

“We look forward to taking on these four projects next and helping many more children in developing regions of the world to better their futures. The projects will start as early as the beginning of September 2019 and we expect the four schools to be finished within the first half of 2020,” said Felix Eichhorn, President AIDA Cruises.

As part of the AIDA Cruise & Help project, two preschools with electricity and sanitary facilities are to be built in Tuksono Village/Indonesia. 42% of the people who live in the area have not received a school education. Many children have not yet had the opportunity to attend school.

The second project region, Diyun in India, is very remote and difficult to access. Only 27% of the children there are able to attend school regularly, partially because the existing state schools are overfilled and there is a lack of teachers. The aim of the project is to add four new classrooms to the district’s existing school.

In Nepal, vast parts of the country are impoverished. Particularly the rural regions suffer from poorly funded healthcare and educational systems. This project targets the building of a new, earthquake-proof and fully furnished school with eight classrooms in Baraharuk. The budget will also accommodate training for two teachers. Sanitary facilities that can be used by the rest of the village are planned as well.  

In the region of Acul des Pins in Haiti, which has been severely stricken by natural disasters, the construction of a public school began over 10 years ago. Due to a lack of funding, it was never completed. This project has the goal of creating a safe and clean learning environment for the 250 students. The school is also to be renovated to withstand earthquakes and cyclones so that it can be used as a shelter for the entire community during hurricanes. 

AIDA Cruise & Help is the umbrella for all of the cruise line’s charitable projects. Its primary focus is long-term improvement of the future prospects of children and teens in newly industrializing and developing countries, and social and cultural projects at a regional and international level.

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