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Open culture of discussion - part of our philosophy

Monika Griefahn

Open channels of communication have always been part of AIDA corporate policy. Our firm belief is that an intensive exchange of knowledge, ideas and different points of view is essential to further development and smart decision-making. That is why we value and actively seek dialog with various interest groups.

Former Environment Minister for Lower Saxony and Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Monika Griefahn has been our Director for Environment and Community since May 2012. In this role, she is responsible for AIDA Cruises’ sustainability commitments and reports directly to executive management. Dr. Monika Griefahn and her team work in close collaboration with the different specialist departments. Together, they are the driving force for the implementation of our sustainability strategy.

In addition, Dr. Monika Griefahn is the public face of our commitment to sustainability. Therefore she is in dialog with representatives from politics, research and economy, as well as from environmental organizations. And when our Director for Environment and Community is on board one of our ships, she makes the most of the opportunity to provide information on our commitments, together with the environmental officer on board. She also chats with and provides answers to interested guests.

Our annual sustainability report, AIDA cares, provides comprehensive information on our commitment. Please check out our FAQs to find answers to frequently asked questions. For other questions and inquiries you can contact us online. It’s quick and easy – just use , Facebook, Twitter or our Weblounge. However you choose to contact us – we can’t wait to hear from you!