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Employee development

Employee development

Employees of AIDA Cruises have opportunities to develop their full potential and grow in accordance with their individual abilities. We offer a variety of tools and education options to support the professional development of our staff.


Our four AIDA values determine codes of behavior that apply to all employees. Our executive staff function as role models and assume responsibility for creating an atmosphere in which these codes of behavior are lived on a day-to-day basis.

The guiding principles to which our executives adhere are as follows:

TRUST: I create trust by...
PASSION: I am passionate because I...
COLORFUL: I live diversity because I...
RESPECT: I show respect by...

A good conversation is the basis of any open, trusting and target-oriented cooperation. This is why we attach great importance to regular conversations between our employees and our executives, during which strategies, objectives and individual performance and development are discussed. AIDA also insists on transparency in its performance reviews.

We have defined our most important requirements for employees and managers in our competence model. It describes which skills, characteristics and attitudes we expect. This model also functions as a common theme for evaluation and development measures.

AIDA values
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The AIDA competency model

Talent management and continuous training are high priorities for AIDA. That is why we are tirelessly dedicated to fostering junior staff and potential talent. Our talent management process focuses on identifying our talents and then promoting and developing them in a targeted approach.


Discovering talents

Our HR round tables are regular meetings held between executive staff and HR managers to facilitate mutual exchange. Developmental measures are derived on the basis of an employee’s individual performance (new performance management system in 2015) and high performers are identified for the talent pool. The HR round table thus forms the basis of a systematic approach to staff promotion while simultaneously ensuring the consistently high quality of HR development.

Promoting talents

The promotion and development of high-potential employees is a high priority at AIDA. Our versatile training opportunities within the company, at the AIDA Academy or with one of our external training partners are well received by our employees. AIDA Cruises develops its executive staff within the scope of a multi-layered leadership program.

Developing talents

Identifying and promoting talent naturally entails the development of talent. Mentoring is a fixed component of our talent management system. New executive staff and high-performance and high-potential employees are accompanied and supported by experienced executives for a fixed period of time in the context of mentoring programs at AIDA Cruises. Mentors at AIDA volunteer for this role, which brings great benefit both to our employees and to us as a company. They include:

  • Inter-departmental support & development of high-potential employees
  • Targeted support for the career development of qualified employees
  • Promotion of a culture of learning & internal knowledge management
  • Promotion of inter-departmental communication
  • Supervision of change processes