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Attractive prospects and personalized career planning

Around 1.8 million Germans took a cruise in 2015, more than 800,000 of which traveled on board one of the 10 ships of the AIDA fleet. Over the coming years, AIDA Cruises will commission four ships of a completely new generation, thus doubling its capacity.

In order to continue our growth trajectory successfully, we are looking for qualified and motivated specialist and executive staff to support AIDA Cruises in giving its guests an unforgettable holiday aboard our fleet.

The job families at AIDA Cruises are called “Marine” and “Guests” on board and “Business” on land. Experienced professionals and entry-level staff alike can expect attractive working conditions, exciting professional challenges and careers in the fields of navigation and technology, gastronomy and hospitality, well-being and sports, and tourism and business management.

We are looking for the best talents in all job families. To this end, we organize our Applicants’ Days across Germany and Austria, present our company at domestic and international career fairs and cooperate closely with a range of vocational colleges, technical schools and universities.

AIDA Cruises already prioritizes practicality during the application process. Interested applicants get to experience the working environment on board of a ship from the modern AIDA fleet first-hand during the exclusive AIDA Career Days. Professionals have an opportunity of showcasing their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the kitchen, restaurant and at the bar. They are also granted an insight into everyday life and work aboard a modern cruise ship and given information on staff benefits. Crew members from the respective areas guide the visitors through the ship, relating their personal, first-hand experiences. The program also includes personal interviews and Q&A sessions with colleagues on board and HR decision makers. Those who convince us and also pass the subsequent selection process will receive a contractual commitment and the opportunity to travel to the most beautiful parts of the planet together with their new floating workplace. We also offer exciting opportunities to artists. They get to showcase their talent and skills at our worldwide casting events.

Of course, we are also represented as an employer in selected social networks such as Facebook, XING and LinkedIN. Comprehensive information on our job families, vacancies and training opportunities and the corresponding requirements are available from our careers website,

Attracting employee

We updated and expanded our careers portal,, in 2015 to help potential applicants find out about their career opportunities with AIDA in a more convenient and comprehensive way. To ensure easy access on the go, we have optimized its compatibility with mobile devices. In addition, we have further expanded our presence as an employer in the social-media channels of Facebook, XING and LinkedIn. In 2015, the number of followers on our “AIDA Jobs” Facebook page rose to more than 17,100. Besides our open vacancies at sea and on land, we post interesting insights into the life and work at AIDA every day.

Work in an international team, excellent career perspectives and the opportunity of traveling the world on a floating workplace are important factors in our attractiveness as an employer, along with the individual job profiles themselves.

AIDA is a globally operating company, which is why we are also committed to recruiting and training our young talent around the world. We work with selected training centers in the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. In 2015 alone, we trained a total of 2,126 employees in 171 training programs at those centers, some of which took place over the course of several weeks. They targeted entry-level staff, executives and specialists alike and included language courses.

Additional recruiting activities involving the training centers in the above-mentioned markets and Mauritius took place in the same year. On top of that, AIDA Cruises has boosted its recruiting initiatives in Europe. For 2016, we are planning to expand our recruitment activities to Turkey, Sri Lanka and China.