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7.2.6	Work-Life-Balance


A healthy work-life balance is indispensable for the motivation and health of our employees. We therefore offer targeted support in the form of comprehensive offers that help our staff strike a balance between work, family and leisure. On land as on board our ships, our employees can access many AIDA services to unwind from their professional lives.

In 2015, we revamped our AIDA work-life balance program under the heading of “well-being”. It comprises four sections: motivating work, health, staff benefits and family.


WORK - motivating work

The work of our employees is interesting and challenging, requires a lot of commitment, focus and passion. Our success is based on motivated and committed employees. This is why we offer a modern, versatile working environment and respect your needs.

Our services for employees onshore include:

  • online-based business travel service
  • use of company cars
  • general office services
  • staff restaurant
  • free hot drinks and fresh fruits
  • invitations to company events
  • occupational and private pension offers

BENEFITS - enjoying advantages

Our employees enjoy a lot of benefits, both in their professional and their private lives.

Our services for employees include:

  • discounts on private vacations
  • discounts with various companies
  • discounts on various car services
  • company bicycles for private use

HEALTH - keeping the balance

The health of our employees is important to us. We support their well-being and fitness with a range of services.

Our employees onshore benefit from:

  • discounted services at different gyms
  • occupational health care
  • sports and leisure offers
  • a variety of team sports (e.g. AIDA volleyball team, AIDA dragon boat team, etc.)

We also informing our staff about the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle and provide incentives for recreation and exercise. This includes our annual Health Day. Preventative care also includes check-ups with the in-house medical service and flu vaccinations.

FAMILY - understanding needs

Work is important, but it is not everything. AIDA emphasizes its family-oriented values. We support our employees in reconciling work and family life.

Our services for employees onshore include:

  • support and helpful information for starting a family
  • cooperation with kindergarten and day care places
  • family events
  • childcare for the whole family on professional and private occasions
  • holiday offers for children

For ten years, we have organized the AIDA Crew Day and other special events for employees on board. In order to reward extraordinary performance, our “Employee of the Month” award is given to crew members on board every month. This distinction is accompanied by a financial bonus.

AIDA crew members work in an international team on board one of the most modern cruise ship fleets in the world. Our ships sail under European flags, and our employees correspondingly receive comprehensive social benefits (unemployment, pension, health and casualty insurance). The maritime industry is the only global sector of the economy that offers binding work and social standards for all of its worldwide members.

Our services for employees on board include: free board and lodging, free provision of uniforms, linens and towels, weekly cabin cleaning and a wide variety of leisure activities on board, including the crew sauna, bar and gym, access to and use of guests’ facilities, internet on board, TV in the cabin, telephone, books and films.

In their free time, our employees get to experience the most beautiful places in the world during shore leave.