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Our awards

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At AIDA we do our best every day to make sure that our guests always feel comfortable and well attended to on their vacation whether on board or on land. This commitment was honored once again with the German Fairness Prize 2015. In cooperation with the n-tv new station, the German Institute for Service Quality conducted an extensive consumer survey, obtaining around 45,000 customer opinions on more than 400 companies. AIDA ranked first and is thus is the company with the best scores in the cruise industry. The Germany-wide survey focused on topics such as the price/benefit ratio, the reliability of the products, services or company statements as well as the transparency in the information about pricing, product and contractual responsibilities.

Trust is the basis for successful and, above all, long-lasting relationships with our guests and sales partners. For this reason, we are especially delighted that consumers in Germany selected AIDA Cruises as the most trustworthy brand in the “Cruise Line” category in Europe’s largest consumer survey for the fifth year in a row in 2015. As a result, we were recognized with the prestigious Pegasus Award.

AIDA Cruises was also honored as the service champion for the fifth year in a row in 2015. AIDA is thus the industry winner in the category Cruise Lines and achieved the highest value in experienced customer service. In the overall ranking of all 1,989 companies from 232 industries, AIDA also achieved a gold ranking. We aspire to not just fulfill the expectations of our guests, but exceed them. This award confirms the guest satisfaction experienced by AIDA’s travelers.


In Zurich in 2015, the Swiss Travel Awards were awarded by the tourism magazine “Travel Inside” for the second time. The winner in the category Cruise Lines was once again AIDA Cruises. As in the previous year, AIDA Cruises was given the top position by the travel agencies in German-speaking Switzerland. The evaluation was conducted via a representative online survey, in which the travel professionals we able to submit their preferred providers as well as their evaluation.

AIDA has always placed great emphasis on being family-focused. This includes a wide range of programs for the young and old as well as customized staterooms and special prices. For this, AIDA Cruises received the German Cruise Line Award 2016 in the category “Best Family Product”. It has been honoring excellence in the international cruise industry since 2011.

AIDA Cruises was given another award within the context of Seatrade Europe in September 2015 in Hamburg. Michael Ungerer, the former president of AIDA Cruises and chairman of the cruise association CLIA Germany, was honored as the Cruise Personality of the Year 2015 at the awarding of the Seatrade Awards on September 9, 2015 in Hamburg. The expert jury recognized the key role Ungerer has played in the development of the German cruise market and in his various positions at AIDA Cruises in the past 18 years.


AIDA Cruises also received the Seatrade Award for the Environmental Initiative of the Year 2015. The expert jury particularly highlighted AIDA Cruises’ decision to operate its new ships 100 percent with LNG, which are to be put into service in 2019 and 2020. With the “Green Cruising” concept, AIDA Cruises is setting new standards in environmental protection and will be the first cruise line in the world to operate its new generation of ships completely with LNG (liquefied natural gas). The use of LNG eliminates emissions of soot particles and sulfur oxides. Emissions of nitrogen oxides are reduced by 80 percent and CO2 emissions are reduced by 20 percent.

We continually invest in practical training and further education for our personnel and support motivated employees with potential in formulating their personal career plans. AIDA Cruises has once again been recognized for this by the international research company Top Employers Institute as the “Top Employer in Germany 2015”. Conducted annually, the study analyzes leading employers worldwide. Ratings are given for the company’s offers in the areas of human resources planning, training and career planning, manager development, compensations & benefits, corporate culture, and more.

AIDA also has been setting top standards for years when it comes to training. This commitment was honored with the “TOP Training Facility 2015” by IHK in Rostock for the seventh time in a row. The IHK awards this seal of quality to regional companies that distinguish themselves with special initiatives for trainees as well as continuity and creativity in career training. Additional awards, such as the Career Maker and Fair Company, confirm the work we do for our employees.

We see all of these prizes and awards as an incentive to continue doing our best to live up to our leading position in the cruise industry.


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