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AIDA is a Service-Champion

The unique service credo of our employees is experienced by our guests at every turn. We are pleased about the great amount of positive feedback received directly on board, by post, via social networks or from external institutions. In 2016 we were awarded the title of Service Champion for the sixth time for achieving the highest value for quality experienced in customer service.




The AIDA Club allows us to offer our guests special benefits. Depending on the level of membership, our AIDA Club members can enjoy benefits on land and at sea. Whether it’s a welcome package on the first day of a voyage, a club meeting, separate check-in or on-board credit, each level of club membership is associated with its own extras. Our members rise through the club levels by collecting valuable ‘sea miles’ with every AIDA holiday, which are credited to them after each journey. These are calculated according to the length of the journey, the price and cabin category. The five club classes of blue, red, yellow, green and gold show our most loyal guests our special appreciation. Our guests are able to collect ‘sea miles’ from the age of 16. Between their sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays, our youngest club members can take advantage of special benefits and reductions for teenagers.

The club portal provides each club member with information about current club status and the associated benefits and more. The range of exclusive club meetings according to the club category extend from free offers through to onboard credits or culinary highlights. Our onboard club meetings offer members the possibility to converse with the crew outside the normal daily business. Club members are in addition included in AIDA events as an active part of the club program. Furthermore, we include the special requests our guests have in our product design.

Collecting sea miles pays off: club members in the green and gold categories are regularly invited to events on land and maritime festivities, such as the well-known Hamburg ‘Hafengeburtstag’ festival.

Starting in 2016, up to five club ambassadors are selected in a live voting procedure by the club members to represent the hundreds of thousands of AIDA fans for one year and to report as online bloggers in texts, videos and photos on news, interesting and original topics from the AIDA holiday world and on the various AIDA events.

Dialog online

Guest service online

Our presence in the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ as well as the AIDA Weblounge offer our guests an interactive opportunity to exchange views on and with AIDA. This not only benefits the communities taking part in the dialogue, but us as well. We therefore receive open feedback every day and contact between us and our guests happens in a simple and uncomplicated way.

In 2016, our number of Facebook fans grew from 950,000 to 1.1 million.

Besides the latest daily news, video clips and information about our company we have set up a Facebook platform for direct dialogue and interaction. Furthermore, the impressions and reports shared by our guests with other users provide a personal insight into the AIDA world. This is valuable assistance booking and planning a holiday with AIDA for many followers. The community as such offers both our fans as well as potential guests a substantial increase in added value. We at AIDA receive many valuable tips and suggestions from these platforms.

Another important component in the online dialogue is the AIDA Weblounge which recorded an increase to 108,000 members in 2016.

We continue to work on improving the ease of use of our internet page to ensure searches and bookings for the next journey are as clear and uncomplicated as possible. We offer our guests a convenient method of booking their AIDA holiday online - and at the same time protect the environment by saving paper.

The AIDA smartphone app provides our guests with much more than an interactive catalogue: Our guests are able to download each ship and journey in advance onto the smartphone as an interface between their personal cruising experience and travel arrangements while at the same time making individual plans.

Our guests are also able to stay in contact with friends and family at sea: our ships are all equipped with internet access.

AIDA Weblounge

AIDA Weblounge

AIDA fans and friends meet each other here. Captains, general managers and guests write their blogs directly from the ships and post their holiday pictures.


Data protection

We collect and use personal data only in compliance with the legal provisions. We are bound in particular by European and German data protection laws.

Adherence with data protection declarations and provisions is mandatory for all employees. The AIDA Cruises company data protection officer monitors compliance with the provisions. Our guests may avail of the right to information and revocation at any time under

Compliance by AIDA Cruises with data protection is also monitored regularly by TÜV Süd (Technical Control Board South).