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Comprehensive range of services

Our comprehensive service begins before check-in, and continues until guests are back home. In 2011, we further developed our services to ensure that our guests are even better cared for at all times

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Our sustainability report

“Environment” has become “sustainability”. We have continually developed the environmental section of our website. Thanks to the alignment with the GRI reporting standard, we provide high-quality content

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AIDA Online

AIDA Online

We recognized the importance of social media as a tool for communication and interaction early on, and today we are very well established in this area

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Our dialog with partners

Responsible company management means timely preparation for challenges and developments. Through dialog with our partners we develop solutions for future challenges

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Community involvement

In our opinion, entrepreneurial spirit and a social conscience go hand in hand. We are therefore committed to helping our community

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Complete Service, sustainable commitment

Our leading position in the German and European cruise markets brings with it a great responsibility: For our guests, for our business partners – and for social and political stakeholder groups. We are happy to take on this responsibility.

It goes without saying that we once again paid special attention to customer satisfaction in 2011. Whether they are on board or ashore, our customers should have their wishes fulfilled – and feel good. We have therefore set up Central Customer Management and expanded our guest questionnaire. This allows us to react even more quickly to suggestions. Furthermore, we have restructured our complaints management service, expanded travel-related email communication and transformed what was previously the frequent traveler program into the newly established AIDA Club, the bonus scheme for loyal guests.

We also communicate regularly with our social and political stakeholder groups, and inform them about our activities. That’s why we made our 2011 sustainability report available online. In drawing up the report, we are guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators. This enables us to guarantee depth of content and comparability.

With regard to our social commitment, we were particularly pleased with the outcome of our New Year’s Eve raffle. Around € 64,000 was received in guest donations, a sum which we rounded up to €100,000 and sent to help refugee families in East Africa.

In 2012 we want to maintain our commitment to society and further develop our guest service. We want to set up an AIDA customer advisory board, further develop our guest questionnaire and present customer satisfaction data online better than ever before. In 2012, we aim to reduce processing time for complaints to five working days or less and reduce the complaints rate on board our fleet to 1.6%. In addition to this, we will be carrying out a complaints handling satisfaction survey. We also want to invest further efforts in developing the AIDA Club, and increase its membership from 650,000 to 800,000..

AIDA Cares GRI Index

GRI Index

Our 2012 sustainability report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative framework

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