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Our sustainability report

Integration of environment and sustainability


“Environment” has become “sustainability”. In recent years, we have continually developed the environmental section of our website. With "AIDA cares 2012" we’ve taken the next step. Thanks to interactive features and alignment with the GRI reporting standard, we provide high-quality, and more accessible content.

Improved transparency

This new medium opens up a range of opportunities – and this applies to "AIDA cares" too. Interactive features and videos illustrate our activities and show the variety of ways in which we are committed to sustainability. Users can access tables in one centralized location. Links increase the interconnectivity of the issues, and highlights allow us to reach out to different user groups.


International reporting standard

We also use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and its internationally recognized guidelines as a framework reference for our sustainability reports. “Sustainability professionals” can even use the GRI index as an alternative contents page. All economic, ecological and social conditions and facts relevant to us have been collated on the basis of the GRI guidelines. In the annual sustainability report, "AIDA cares", we document how we fulfill our responsibilities, and the extent to which we have achieved the relevant goals. We also detail the future challenges we will face. This sustainability report contains all relevant information from the 2011 fiscal year. All parts of the AIDA Cruises company are included. In the event that only part of the company is referred to, this is made clear.
The Carnival group as a whole defined and introduced comparable indicators in 2009. This makes it easier to compare the reports and allows us to summarize key indicators at group level. These are recorded centrally in the areas of controlling, energy & environment and the personnel department. 


Our sustainability management

The sustainability management team is in constant contact with our operating departments. These departments identify suitable business partners. The Communications department regularly reports to management on the status of our sustainability report, "AIDA cares".

AIDA Cares GRI Index

GRI Index

Our 2012 sustainability report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative framework

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